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5 best trekking destination in Mumbai

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Trekking is a fantastic way to learn and be inspired. It’s not only about walking for hours, but about intentionally observing and learning from the community and surroundings at the moment. The prospect of going on a hike and sipping a hot cup of tea while admiring a breathtaking scenery is enough to pique anyone’s interest in embarking on a trekking adventure. The areas surrounding Mumbai, one of Maharashtra’s most popular tourist destinations, provide some intriguing possibilities for a one-day walk.


These trekking destinations around Mumbai are rich in natural beauty and beautiful settings, providing adventure enthusiasts with the ideal opportunity to quench their need for adventure. There are various monsoon hike choices near Mumbai that one may just go to.


  • Tikona Fort


The Tikona Fort is a triangular fort in Maval, Maharashtra. It offers visitors a wonderful trekking experience near Mumbai due to the presence of undulating slopes.  Some of the parts are rather steep, and the trekker must lower his or her body to stay close to the ground. When you get to the top, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view of the Pavna River and other forts such as the Visapur and Lohagad twin forts.


All you have to do is head to the Tikona Peth in Kamshet and start ascending from there. It will take you two hours to climb, an hour to reach the peak, and another hour to return. Tikona Fort is the ideal location for a wedding


  • Naneghat


Naneghat is a peaceful mountain pass in the Western Ghats. It was used as a commercial route by the Satvahannahs. Naneghat Trek is one of the best hikes near Mumbai, especially for those who want to learn about Maharashtra’s history. When you set out on this adventure to uncover the unspoiled patches of nature, you will have to walk on difficult trails. With the Naneghat walk, you will be able to travel through ancient monuments that tell fascinating stories about history.


  • Lohagad Fort


For beginners, the Lohagad Fort walk is an appealing alternative for a one-day climb near Mumbai. You must follow a simple trail that requires you to ascend a number of steps. The walk is particularly captivating for visitors during the monsoon season, when the landscape is blanketed in a vivid green blanket. Within this trail, there is a detour that leads to the Bhaja caves.


Discovering the beautiful fort and its four gates is a wonderful memory to add to your vacation collection. The fact that the Lohagad Fort climb is one of the easier treks near Mumbai is also a plus.


  • Korigad Fort


For first-timers, the Korigad Fort is regarded as one of the top trekking destinations near Mumbai. The hike consists of a 15 to 20 minute walk followed by a few steps to the peak. The Korigad Fort walk offers a less physically demanding trekking experience near Mumbai. The climb is quite easy because the trekkers must take upward steps. However, as time passes, people appear to receive the impression that the inclination is increasing steeper and steeper. On the climb up, the fort’s ruins can still be seen. While here, hikers will also be able to witness historic stone arches.


When you get to the top, there’s a flat table waiting for you.


  • Rajmachi


Rajmachi is a small village in Maharashtra’s Konkan area, nestled in the Sahyadri mountain range. Water springs, rich foliage, and enchanting natural beauty characterise this sliver of heaven, making it one of the most popular spots to trek near Mumbai. Beginners will have little trouble completing the Rajmachi trek because it is quite forgiving.


  • Shreevardhan Fort


Shreevardhan Fort, Manoranjan Fort, and Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary are among the local attractions. The months of March and September are considered to be the best for visiting.


  • Devkund Trek


Apart from these popular destinations for one-day treks, Mumbai offers a variety of options for one-day hikes. Devkund Trek, for example, takes you to the confluence of three waterfalls after a three-hour hike. It is one of Mumbai’s most popular one-day trekking destinations.


When you intend to go on one of these great treks, you will not only be taking an outward journey but also an inside one. These trips act as a stress reliever and a ‘wonderful vacation’ from our somewhat ordinary daily routines. When you set out to spend some quality time with someone, let happiness and fulfilment take control.


  • Mahuli Fort


Mahuli Fort is a well-known one-day walk in the Mumbai area. The towering fort, which is located in Thane, is the district’s highest peak. The fort is located on the crest of a hill overlooking the western Sahyadri hills. When you reach the fort’s apex, you may take in a panoramic view of the thick, lush forest below and simply stand and watch the world go by.


Three mountains make up the fort’s topmost platform. The Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary is responsible for the fort. To get to the peak, you’ll need about 3 hours of trekking time.

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