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8 Effective Drinks for Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin
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Usually, we hear “we are what we eat” and this is true in every way. Because whatever you consume, drink, or eat shows up in your body, whether externally or internally. Glowing skin is one of the first signs of good health. According to the best dermatologist in Karachi, whatever you eat or drink shows first on the skin.

If you gorge on unhealthy drinks like sodas or bad foods like processed foods, then your skin will look dry, dull, and dehydrated. But if you follow a healthy lifestyle or take healthy protein rich food or drinks, then the skin will speak a totally different language.

You are well aware of the mantra for healthy and glowing skin-drinking eight glasses of water in a single day. However, do you drink eight glasses of water a day? No! Well, we can understand. Usually, it is difficult to pay attention to water consumption in a busy cycle of life. A hydrated body is a key to healthy and glowing skin. 

Since you can’t consume eight glasses of water, we have recommended some hydrating drinks that will give you flawless skin. To ensure healthy skin, you must include vegetable and fruit juices in your diet. These juices will help you to get glowing skin.

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Effective Drinks for Healthy Skin

Here are some effective drinks for healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Water Therapy

Consuming a good amount of water gives effective and wonderful results. Our bodies consist of seventy-five percent water in the fluid form, and water plays an important role in several functions that keep skin healthy and clean. In the contrast, dehydration makes the skin dry and itchy.

Consuming an average of five liters of water a day boosts the body with minerals and maintains the electrolyte balance of the body, and prevents several skin problems such as acne.

  1. Beetroot and Carrot Juice

It is beetroot that we can’t stop admiring. Beetroot juice is a powerhouse of nutrients and is a great option for your health. In addition, people also like to add carrot juice to beetroot juice.

Carrot and beetroot juice plays an effective role in detoxifying the body because betaine’s presence in beetroot improves the health of liver function. Carrots also help release toxins from the body. Additionally, carrots and beetroots are considered superfoods that reduce inflammation in the body.

Lastly, the combination of this juice improves blood circulation and gives you healthy skin because this juice is packed with vitamin A and C.

  1. Honey and Lemon Water

Add one spoon of lemon juice and two to three spoons of honey to water as this produces anti-aging and antioxidant components, and acts as an electrolyte. It plays an essential role in cleaning out harmful toxins from the body.

The mixture of honey, lemon juice, and water also helps in weight loss. Honey possesses anti-aging nutrients that keep our skin moisturized and lemon juice contains vitamin C which helps in skin rejuvenation.

  1. Green Tea

If you are a great fan of tea, then add lemon tea or green tea to your diet. Green tea helps prevent acne and contains several nutrients along with vitamin C that keeps skin naturally glowing and healthy.

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  1. Pomegranate and Green Apple Juice

Both pomegranate and green apple offer a lot of benefits. The juice of these two fruits will improve the quality of your skin by manifolds. Green apples and pomegranates contain a good amount of vitamin C, enzymes, and several antioxidants that are helpful in healing the skin and improving its glow.

In addition, vitamin C also shows effectiveness by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces dark spots and acne.

  1. Coconut Water

Starting a day with coconut water can be a great option. Coconut water hydrates the heated body and is a boon for our skin. In addition, coconut water is packed with carbohydrates, vitamin C, and electrolytes like potassium and sodium, it keeps skin glowing, younger-looking, and firm. It also prevents aging signs and clears acne.

  1. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is an Ayurvedic and traditional medicine that acts as an antiviral and antibiotic agent. In addition, it is also full of antioxidants that slow the aging process. Adding one tablespoon of turmeric to one glass of milk or hot water every morning can give good results for healthy skin.

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  1. Cucumber Juice

This rejuvenating and refreshing drink contains high antioxidant levels which soothe the skin and leaves it glowing and fresh. Cucumber is packed with 98% water and thus full of hydrating properties. A glass of cucumber juice has a load of vitamins and minerals which makes it a magic potion for your skin.

The Bottom Line!

Everyone wants healthy and glowing skin-yet they do not consume effective drinks for glowing skin. It is essential to consume the above-mentioned drinks every day to get healthy and glowing skin.


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