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A Beginner’s Guide to Gender Reveal Blood Test

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Are you pregnant and curious about the gender of your baby? If so, you may think if there is a way to find out early in your pregnancy. A gender reveal blood test can tell you the sex of your baby as early as eight weeks into your pregnancy. This guide will explore everything one needs to know about this type of test.

It will cover what it is, how it works, and why more people choose to do it.

What Is a Gender Reveal Blood Test?

A Gender Reveal Blood test in Los Angeles is a simple DNA test that can determine the gender of your baby. The test is typically done around the eighth week of pregnancy.

It involves taking a small blood sample from the mother’s arm and sending it to a laboratory for analysis.

What Are the Benefits of The Gender Reveal Blood Test?

There are several benefits to having a Gender Reveal Blood test. Some of them are explained below:

1) You Know the Gender of Your Baby Early On

With a blood test, your doctor can tell you the gender of your baby as early as eight weeks into the pregnancy. It is much earlier than an ultrasound, which can typically detect gender around 18 to 20 weeks.

So if you’re dying to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl (or both!), a blood test is the way to go.

Ultrasounds can sometimes give false readings when it comes to detecting gender. But with a blood test, the accuracy rate is nearly 100 percent.

2) Find Out More About the Health of Your Child Before It Is Born

NIPT, or non-invasive prenatal testing, is a blood test that can be done as early as the tenth week of pregnancy. This test looks for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and Patau syndrome. The NIPT can also determine the gender of your baby with over 99 percent accuracy.

A recent study found that the NIPT can also predict a baby’s risk of developing specific congenital disabilities, such as heart defects.

Here’s how NIPT works:

A blood sample is taken from the mother and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The blood is then mixed with a solution that breaks open the cells to separate the chromosomes. The chromosomes are then analyzed to see if there are any abnormalities.

3) The Test Is Simple, Accurate, And Safe

Early Gender Testing in Los Angeles is simple. You need to make an appointment and give a small blood sample. The test is over 99 percent accurate as early as the eighth week of pregnancy, and it’s entirely safe for both you and your baby.

You’ll receive your results within 24 hours, and you can choose to have them delivered by text, email, or in person.

4) Your Privacy Is Protected

Your results will be released to you and your doctor only. You can keep the results private or share them with family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Whether you select to find out the gender of your baby through an early blood test or wait until you’re a little further along in your pregnancy, the most important thing is that you’re healthy and happy. If you have questions about gender reveal blood tests, speak with your doctor.

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