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An Ultimate Post-Covid Travel Guide To Kashmir

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Kashmir, affectionately known as the “Heaven on Earth”, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful vacation spots you can visit. This area of the world should be visited at least once in your lifetime to see some of the most beautiful natural scenes. Within the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, you will find the kashmirJammu as well as the kashmir Valley. The states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and China border Jammu & Kashmir.

Most rivers


One of the most important rivers in the country of kashmir is Jhelum, Ravi Tawi Indus and Indus. The land of kashmir has a lot of potential for producing rich crops. Another common commodity made in Kashmir is wool. The use of wool in textiles is very common around the world.

Three main regions


The state of Jammu and Kashmir is separated into three distinct regions. These three regions include Jammu, Ladakh and the geographical region depression. Each region has its own unique cultural identity and traditions. Jammu & kashmir are filled with beautiful valleys, temples and meadows that will make your vacation memorable for many years.

Jammu and kashmir geographic area


You can customise your Kashmir tour package to include Jammu and kashmir. You can visit many temples and shrines, whether you are a single person or a religious seeker. You’ll find many activities for journey travellers to engage in. Couples who visit here consider it one of the most beautiful places to spend their time with their loved ones.

Some amazing views

No matter what your reason for travelling, you will be able to spot one thing in any geographic area. You can find the most beautiful views and scenes in any area, no matter if you are a nature lover or creative person. Social media has been a key factor in making depressions common to tourist communities. Each year thousands of people visit geographical regions around the world. Traveller activities have declined due to the pandemic.

Second wave of tourism

The second wave of Covid is now much less common and the number of cases in recent years has decreased across all Asian countries.As a result, “revenge tourism” was formed.. There has been a significant increase in tourists visiting the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Goa. We have prepared a Covid-19 travel guide for Jammu and Kashmir which will help you stay safe and avoid any hassles while you visit Kashmir once you are Covid.

Covid tips


Tourism is the largest contributor to the local economy and the lives of its people. Tourism creates employment and business opportunities for locals engaged in welcome and transportation activities. The valley is open to tourists, however Covid tips are on-site and tourists will need some basic necessities before they can enter Kashmir.


RT-PCR check


According to the new tips, tourists who visit geographic areas should be completely insufferable with 2 doses vaccinum. Those who are susceptible should have an RT PCR test done at least seventy-two hours before they travel. These measures are available for many different Asian countries and all of the popular destinations. These rules could be maintained for the next few months. These tips may be modified if the number of Covid cases falls below an explicit level. If this happens, restrictions for tourists will be eased.


Special permits for restricted areas


Visitors are also expected to adhere to the Covid guidelines when visiting restricted areas. Special permits will be required. These permits were jointly issued recently. So, these were a number of the Kashmir travel tips that you simply got to grasp if you’re attending to visit Kashmir.



These are some of the top travel tips you should remember before you book your tour package to a specific region.


All travellers to Jammu & kashmir should obtain a vaccination certificate. You must also provide proof that you have received 2 doses of vaccinum.


– Tourists who are not vaccinated should have a negative RTPCR test done 72 hours before they travel.


– It is important to avoid wearing masks while visiting Kashmir’s popular tourist destinations.


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