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Ashish Chadha Stock Market Trader Investor Trainer and YOUTUBER

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This course is a perfectly designed course which provides a foundation for understanding Fundamental Analysis. The course is structured to help the participants understand basic concepts and terminologies relating to the Stock market and their application for investing in stocks.

Fundamental Analysis is the backbone of investing


Fundamental Analysis in Very Simple and Easy way from Trading Point of View, even Person from Non Finance Background can easily learn and automate the process. Learn to make money Like Professional

Complete knowledge as per the current scenario of Indian stock market on how to do fundamental analysis of a company before investing in it.

Topics Covered
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

How to Find Multibagger Stock

How To find Correct Valuation of Stock

Best Stock Screener

How to Automate Fundamental Stock Research

How to Read Balancesheet

Income Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Ratio Analysis

Practical Examples

Advance Stock Picking Techniques

Live case studies of stocks


How to Automate Stock Picking

Company Earnings

Intended Participants

This course is skillfully designed to benefit those who are ambitious in becoming successful long term investors and take a non speculative path to create wealth, professionals who would want to learn how to invest, construct & manage individual portfolios and become self sufficient in managing their own money. No Refund Policy as the Services are already at discount Individuals at all levels who would want to learn fundamental analysis and analysis beyond valuations are welcomed for the course.

PLEASE NOTE – A course like this are being sold around ? 50,000. We want to create awareness and at the same time want to keep the course exclusive for learners with zeal to learn. We are keeping the price of this course very low so that everyone can become financially free by using the earning potential of stock markets.

Complete Course from Basic to Advance of how I choose stocks to invest in Indian Stock Market. This is a recorded course with Lifetime Access so that as many times and as per your convenience. Step by step Stock Market course which will help you to grow your investment.

Monthly LIVE Webinars where all your queries will be answered and more knowledge will be shared as per market conditions.

25+ Multibagger Stocks holding in my Portfolio, all will be shared and whenever i’ll invest in any new stocks deatied analysis of the stocks will be shared.

Complete Course on How to Start Investing in the Indian stock Market by Ashish Chadha. 19+ Years of Experience in the Indian Stock Market. Visit: stock market courses for beginners


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