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For many years, Hassan has run a lucrative health fitness business. On his active Instagram account, you can find him posing with Fawad Khan or Hamza Ali Abbasi by accident. Hassan trains celebrities in his gym along with celebrities

Women’s Health and Wellness

The bottom line of meal planning tips, inspirational quotes and personal anecdotes highlight how the most powerful people got started. If you look at his Instagram feed long enough. health You’ll see some amazing culinary photos of his new business, ‘The F Word.’ It is their Karachi Cafe that prepares cuisine for the over-conscious people.

Our personal trainers are skilled and professional who will educate, train and motivate you. If you are new to exercise or have trouble staying fit, you should see one of our personal trainers.

Empowering people with renewed energy and an active lifestyle

Intensive nutrition therapy is given to children who are underweight, overweight, or inadequate diet to meet developmental needs. Being fit and healthy does not always come with losing or gaining weight. He started classroom training with instructor Zainab Riaz a few months ago and so far, without any doubt, he is an amazing coach. CBD isolate Progress can be seen from day to day. is one of the first and most experienced e-commerce stores in Pakistan. Since 2019 we have helped nearly ‘million customers’ get the pleasure they want across Pakistan. If we look at the following statistics, recent research shows that for people who exercise more than 150 minutes per week, only 3.2% are hospitalized and 0.4% die. Develop strength, strength and lean muscle mass in weight lifting using a blend of traditional and advanced techniques.

Lifestyle management and workouts

Just looking at his ripped body is enough to motivate the viewer to undertake his personal transformation. He is a certified strength and conditioning professional. Aside from being a great fitness fan, Sadia Arif has a social media presence where she shares her favorite workouts, exercise videos, client fitness transformations and much more.

If you are looking for inspiration then this page is for you. Hasan Mahmood’s gym, ‘MetroFlex,’ Fawad Khan and other celebrities go to shred their amazing bodies. Hassan views devotion as a way of life rather than a choice. health .

Shapes’ has previously worked on ‘international standards’, achieving accredited international certifications and science-baked programs with practical training to meet this extreme need.

With our world-class facilities, extended opening times, group training options and an expert team – we’ll show you how you can get ahead and stay there. Thousands of people enter the gates of Liaquat National Hospital every day, next to someone in need of medical care …


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