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Diet for runners: tips to know what to eat and perform better in the race

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According to the experts, “you have to act like a runner even when you’re not training” and that’s something to keep in mind when you sit down at the table. Runners have a very intense caloric wear and nutritional needs that are very different from those of the sedentary population. In fact, we have earned a reputation for gluttons, for eating like limes, and there is something of that, since we can burn from 500 to 1,000 calories in a race and your body notices it, you get a voracious appetite.

It is also important that we know not only what to eat, but also when to do it, since the needs change according to the moment of our training . There are many doubts about how to supply our glycogen stores and increase our performance. Here we give you some basic advice, because being a runner begins with feeding yourself as such .

What should I eat if I run?

Fresh and varied products

We know the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to obtain a better performance . It is very important that the products are fresh, seasonal, and if possible, that you cook them yourself, so you know exactly what you are 먹튀검증. Avoid precooked products at all costs , which usually contain a lot of sugars and fats and who knows what other flavor enhancers. Make your diet as varied as possible, so the amount of nutrients that you contribute to the body will be greater, which will prevent you from suffering injuries without the need to take supplements.

If you run in the morning

The idea is to have a hearty breakfast, at least an hour and a half before the race, but of course, if you go to work at 9 and want to train earlier, it is not a matter of getting up at 5 in the morning to have breakfast. In that case, have something light like whole wheat toast, a small bowl of oatmeal, or a banana. The night before, eat a balanced dinner: fish or chicken or lentils (a source of protein) and carbohydrates in the form of steamed vegetables, potatoes or brown rice. If you follow this dinner, you can also go running on an empty stomach, because you will have the fuel that your muscles need for energy. Of course, no more than 60 minutes of running or high-intensity training because running and not eating breakfast have its risks.


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