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Download music from these websites

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Soul seek is a program to download free music, available for Windows, maces and Linux and that we can obtain from this link to the developer’s website.

If we don’t want to download any software to our computer, we should know that we can download free music from some online platforms, so it will only be necessary to access them through our browser.

Amended Music, free music under Creative Commons license

We are talking about a web page from where you can download free new mp3 that is available under a Creative Commons license, which means that it is the artists themselves who make their music known for free from this platform so that we can download it and enjoy it. From here, we can discover new music trends that are hottest and view the latest titles or search for artists to view their downloadable content. From the web we have the option of downloading songs individually or the entire album, as well as browsing through its different playlists. It should also be noted that it has radio channels. Against it, it must be said that there are only songs in MP3 format and the downloads are not in HD quality. In addition, it requires creating a user account, although it is free. Sound Click, download songs and complete albums

This is possibly one of the best options for finding and downloading

free music arranged by the artists themselves, also including complete albums and that we can obtain signed or unsigned by their authors. We simply have to navigate through its lists of files and genres until we find the desired piece, which we can listen to beforehand and later decide if we want to download it.

It also allows us to create personalized radio stations

and get in touch with other users in forums, as well as read and inform us about our favorite artists. That yes, not all the music that we find is free, since it mixes with other types of music for which it will be necessary to pay to obtain it.

 Sound Cloud, stream and download music for free

It is a website from where you can stream and download music for free. Much of their content is even uploaded by professional artists themselves, while others are shared by independent musicians. The download is done instantly and without the need to previously create an account and we can even play the track before downloading it .

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