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Drawing prompts to engage your students

Drawing prompts
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Drawing prompts to engage your students. The first five minutes of each art class can quickly become chaotic. It is important to have a daily routine for students can follow. The use of Glockenringer is a great strategy to contribute to students and save time. It defines the sound of a productive class. Bell Work can be presented in different ways. Answer questions about the writing vocabulary, the possibilities are endless!

An idea of ​​dedication is to start any class by completing the student’s “daily draws”.

Students come to the lessons, take their sketch cartons, and complete the application for cool drawing ideas because they are waiting for more instructions. This practice serves as a way to implement students with her and ready to learn quickly.

A drawing prompt is a great way to start the lessons, but it’s just an option. If you are looking for other possibilities to communicate and derive your students, you will definitely see insider secrets to successfully managing the management of the classroom Pro Learning Pack! There is a complete section dedicated to the beginning of each class.

The key to the efficient work of the bell is to communicate it more possible.

You will find below a list of stupid drawing requests. These instructions are a great way to warm your students to teach. Maybe you even find that your students rush into their room to see what idea of ​​stupid drawing you find with the next one!


  • Draw a lama surf.
  • Draw a shark that eats a cupcake.
  • Draw a crab during a birthday party.
  • Draw a hippocampus in a blizzard.
  • Draw a dinosaur.
  • Pull an animal with the arms for the legs and legs for the arms.
  • Track a pug on a treadmill.
  • Draw a horse throwing a horseshoe.
  • Draw shark water.
  • Trace a wall in a beach chair.
  • Draw a circus elephant standing on a bullet.
  • Draw a caliber sitting on a trash can.
  • Draw a lizard that indicates lipstick.
  • Draw a squirrel roasting a marshmallow.
  • Pull a throat with spoons for the legs.
  • Draw a mouse with a motorcycle.
  • Trace a flamingo that makes ballet.
  • Draw a butterfly eating a steak
  • Trace a cat that hunts a dog.
  • Draw a stupid dance.
  • Draw a cat playing a sport.
  • Trace a chicken parachuting.


  • Trace a piece of fruit in space.
  • Draw a weight lifting weight.
  • Draw a bread at the disco.
  • Draw a rainstorm from Sprinkles.
  • Draw fries on a Rusante mountain.
  • Draw a meal that eats another food.
  • Draw a Go Taco.
  • Draw chicken wings fly.
  • Draw a sliding banana on banana bowls.
  • Draw a roller bladder of pineapple.
  • Trace a piece of asparagus snowboard.
  • Draw an annoying orange.
  • Draw a donut that tells a skateboard.
  • Draw a Turkish leg that eats a turkey sandwich.
  • Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress.
  • Trace a banana in the pajamas.
  • Trace a peanut butter and a frozen sandwich on vacation.
  • Draw an apple and talks to your art teacher.
  • Draw a flying hot dog.
  • Draws a lemon making orange juice.
  • Draw an ice cream cone, which eats an ice cream on the stem.
  • Draws a lollipop garden.


  • Draw your art teacher on an island.
  • Draw a teacher who eats a pizza when dancing.
  • Draw a person with fruits for hair.
  • Draw a basketball player a chicken.
  • Draw a pirate in a hammock.
  • Draw your teacher as a zombie.
  • Draw your art teacher with a beard.
  • Draw yourself with a superpower.
  • Draw a clown that blooms.
  • Draw a person with donuts for the eyes.
  • Draw a cowboy in the Antarctic, which rides a polar bear.
  • Draw yourself as a fairy.


  • Draw something other than a gold pot at the end of the rainbow.
  • Draw a troll that rides a unicorn.
  • Draw what your imaginary friend would look like we would see you.
  • Draw a dragon breathing rainbow.
  • Draw an alien that drives a car.
  • Draw an eleven jumping on a trampoline.
  • Objects / places.
  • Draw a super creepy Valentine’s Day card.
  • Draw the strangest eyeglass pair that you can imagine.
  • Drag a bike a bike.
  • Draw a Ferris wheel on a mountain.
  • Draw a pencil sharpener who eats something other than a pencil.
  • Draw a marker painting.
  • Draw a sweater from sweets.
  • Draw a few shoes out of flowers.
  • Draw a scream wax.
  • Draw a cabin on a cloud.
  • Draw your version of Mount Rushmore.
  • Draw a pair of scissors.
  • Draw a spray gun splashing color.
  • Draw a mountain with glitter.
  • Draw the Statue of Liberty, which eats pizza.
  • Draw the flash that opens the highest building in the world.
  • Draw a treasure chest in a subterranean cave.
  • Draw the Eiffel Tower eating a baguette.


Drawing prompts

  • Draw a snowman sailing.
  • Draw a plant with a face.
  • Draw the moon that fights the sun over a turkey wall.
  • Draw a crime scene where a donut lost his donut hole.
  • Draw a foot that does a handstand.
  • Draw a stick figure falling.
  • Draw something big.
  • Reinvent your favorite team logo.
  • Draw an Emoji in real life.
  • Draw a cactus in a milkshake.
  • Draw the moon that howled in a wolf.
  • Draw a can soda pouring rainbow.
  • Draw your name as an animal.

These ideas are not only big for carving work, but can also be used for sketchbook requests. If you are looking for more Sketchbook ideas.

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