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Everything You Need To Know About Brown Sugar Spray Tanning

Everything You Need To Know About Brown Sugar Spray Tanning
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Everyone is very well aware of the dangers of tanning beds and sun heat exposure. But as soon as we start discussing spray tans the facts get too good to be true. It seems to be the answer to having a never-ending want for glowing, golden, and without sun-damaged skin.

Is it just a hoax or are there any health-related consequences of regular dye on skin with a coloring agent? This is what we are going to cover in this article. We are going to cover everything about brown sugar spray tanning.

What is an organic brown sugar spray tanning?

It is a specially formulated solution that is sprayed or misted over the body. After some hours it develops into a natural-looking tan.

Brown sugar base makes sure of the golden brown color and decreases all the possibilities of an orange tone.

How exactly does brown sugar spray tanning work and what does it do to our skin?

Brown sugar spray tanning helps in getting a faux glow. It coats the skin with active DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is an active tanning agent that interacts with dead surface cells present in the epidermis. DHA helps in darkening the skin color and also simulating a tan.


DHA is known as the principal ingredient in all sunless tanning skincare. You can use it alone or by mixing it with another tanning component. DHA is the type of sugar that only reacts with amino acids present in our body. Amino acids can be found on the top layer of our skin.

Is it bad to inhale mist while getting sprayed?

There is always protection available while getting sprayed then why not? In the 1920s DHA was initially proposed as a glucose substitute for diabetics. There are studies about DHA that show it prevents skin cancers induced by the sun. While another study suggests that it can damage DNA in skin cells.

How can you prepare for your tan?

  • You can exfoliate and shave before your treatment.
  • Just start avoiding makeup, moisturizers, and deodorants during your appointments. All these things act as a barrier to the sprays and also stop the color to develop properly.
  • Follow up the treatment by wearing dark-colored, loose clothes and sandals.
  • Make sure of having a manicure and pedicure done before your treatments.

How can you maintain your tans?

  • You should not take shower or sweat for at least 5-7 hours following your tan appointment.
  • Keep on a moisturizer that too paraben-free lotion. You have to do this twice daily for at least a minimum of one week. This will make sure of an even and flawless fade.
  • Make sure to ignore chlorinated Jacuzzis, steam rooms, and saunas.

What are some benefits of brown sugar spray tanning?

  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Always performed by trained professionals
  • Tan lasts up to at least 8-13 days on average
  • Does not include paraben and erythrulose
  • Be tan in minutes
  • Year-round color

To make the most of these benefits you need to choose the best organic airbrush spray tan. And this can happen only when the tan salon is right. Choose Slate OKC to get hydrating skin with a tanned glow.

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