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Everything you need to know about nanoparticles

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Nanoparticles have proved their immense importance in every field now. Be it their application in the medical sector or their requirement in the field of biology, industries are increasingly becoming dependent upon nanoparticles. They are available in a variety of forms in the market such as gold nanoparticles platinum nanoparticles  etc. All these different kinds of nanoparticles solve their specific purpose in the industry. 

Research teams have been working day and night to know more about commercial applications and scientific knowledge about how to use nanoparticles productively. As technology is advancing each day, the research potential of the industry is also unleashing its true self to the world. Gone were the days when gold nanoparticles were only studied due to their unique chemical properties. 

Let’s learn more about nanoparticles

You must be familiar with the fact living organisms are made up of super tiny cells. These cells also possess certain subparts. These subparts are the most ideal substance existing that can be compared with the smallest nanoparticle produced by humans. 

These nanoparticles help us in understanding the cellular machinery and provide us the basic knowledge about how an organism exists and what complements its movements. But only that fact didn’t light up the fire to explore the whole sector of nanoparticles. It was the benefits that it provides to the biological industry which forced the researchers to dig deep into the ocean of nanoparticles and find out much more information about their existence and applications of nanotechnology. 

Applications of Nanoparticles

The use of gold nanoparticles or platinum nanoparticles has been deeply rooted in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean that other type of nanoparticles doesn’t exist. There are a variety of nanoparticles that exist in the market which have their own set of applications to fulfill. Some of the common ones are:

  • Detection of proteins
  • Detection of Pathogens
  • Drug delivery
  • Gene delivery

While these applications were only limited to biology, that certainly doesn’t mean that nanoparticles are not used anywhere else. 

Talking about specifically gold nanoparticles, you would be surprised to know that they’ve been successfully utilized by artists of all ages. Thanks to the fact that they can be produced into vibrant colors by interacting suitably with light. According to some reports, this unique property of gold nanoparticles has been extensively utilized in various other applications such as electronic conductors, catalysis processes, and many other places like:

Sensor objects: Gold nanoparticles have proven to be an essential addition to a colorimetric sensor. This sensor is used to identify the status of food and whether it is suitable to be consumed or not. It is also used in the process of enhanced Raman spectroscopy and also takes the help of Gold nanoparticles to complete the process. 

Diagnostics: Gold nanoparticles are being extensively used in the process of detecting biomarkers that are usually used to diagnose heart-related diseases, cancer issues, and in finding out infectious agents. 

Probes: If you process gold nanoparticles under dark-field microscopy, you can observe that Gold nanoparticles will scatter the colors that are usually used in the process of biological imaging. The dense characteristics of these particles make them an ideal catalyst in the process of electron microscopy.


By taking an elaborated look over the applications of these popular nanoparticles, one can easily sense the fact that this is the future of everything. They are those versatile materials that possess a broad range of applications. Probably the most popular advantage of using nanoparticles is that the surface chemistry is extremely easy to modify. 

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