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Everything You Need to Know About WPC 2027

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The World Poultry Congress (WPC) is the largest poultry event in the world, held every two years in different countries, and attracting thousands of delegates from around the globe. At WPC 2027 we’ll be discussing all aspects of chicken farming, including breeds and their commercial performance, large-scale production methods, disease and health management, animal welfare and genetics – to name just a few topics that will be covered in detail. If you work with or care about chickens at any level, this congress is an event you won’t want to miss!

What is World Press Photo?

The World Press Photo Foundation is a unique, independent organization dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism through an annual contest. Photos published between September 1 and August 31 are eligible for entry into next year’s contest. Each year, entries from around the world are submitted online, printed out and examined by experts who then select winners in five categories: Spot News, Features, People, Sports and Nature. Find out what it takes to be a winner at next year’s WPP awards in Amsterdam. # WPC 2027 What Is It?: This year’s contest attracted more than 80,000 photos—an increase of almost 15 percent over last year—from 4,890 photographers representing 125 countries. While entries were judged anonymously and fairly, we wanted to give you a better understanding of how your photos will be evaluated by our expert jury.

Important dates

March 16-20, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. Several nations are lobbying for next year’s meeting of the World Poultry Congress (WPC) to be held in their country. The latest news is that a decision will be made at next week’s executive board meeting of AIVP. Read on for more information and insights into why the different countries are interested in hosting WPC2027. The debate over where to hold WPC2027 has been going on since last year when it was decided that China would host WPC2018. It was agreed then that there would be a rotation among regions so as not to place too much financial burden on any one nation or group of nations. At present, three regions have expressed interest in hosting: Africa, Asia/Oceania and Europe. Each region has its own compelling reasons for wanting to host WPC2027.


China will be hosting its biggest event next year; Hosting 35 countries. It will also be held in 4 different cities: Beijing, Qingdao, Qingdao and Chengdu. All of these have exciting sights and attractions worth visiting. Take some time out of your schedule to explore these areas while at China. Why not take a walking tour or visit an art gallery? The possibilities are endless! If you’re interested in taking part in any of the sports events there is still plenty of time to register. There are many qualifying rounds which will determine who gets to compete at WPC 2027. Qualifying rounds for sports such as weightlifting and taekwondo have already taken place so it’s best to check if you can get involved before it’s too late! If you aren’t participating in any sports then that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy yourself. Don’t miss out on watching some of the world class athletes compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. They might even inspire you to take up a new sport after attending one of their events! Or maybe just support them from home by watching it on TV or online via live streaming services.


It must be a great description with lots of details, linking out to other articles as much as possible. It should appear natural, linkable and relevant. It should not just repeat what is already in Wiki project China. The person writing it should be knowledgeable about Wiki Project China and add value where appropriate. There should be no content from Wikipedia on their except for links back to Wikipedia if they are useful (such as see also). There can be some content that has been copied from elsewhere but only if it’s properly attributed (including any non-free images). There will need to be an introductory paragraph explaining why someone would want to read that page, including a call-to-action at the end. It needs to have one image on their which has been used appropriately (no fair use images). See Template: Info box convention for how info boxes work and how they’re used. The goal is for people who see that page while searching Google or whatever will then click through on those links because they are relevant and interesting and informative.

Entry categories

The following entry categories have been revealed by WPC 2027 officials

  1. Open – 9 events, 18 medals (6 gold, 6 silver, 6 bronze)
  2. Women’s – 8 events, 14 medals (4 gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze)
  3. Junior – 7 events, 10 medals (3 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze)
  4. Wheelchair – 5 events (1 gold medal)
  5. Para canoe – 1 event with 2 men’s and women’s medal each (2 gold medals)
  6. Canoe Sprint – 1 event with 2 men’s and women’s medal each (2 gold medals)
  7. Marathon – 1 event with 2 men’s and women’s medal each (2 gold medals)

Submitting photos for the contest

Athletes will be battling for $1.4 billion (£972 million) in prize money in 40 sports across 105 days of competition. All that cash is a record for a Winter Olympics, which will also see £15m set aside from sponsors and national Olympic committees for athletes’ kit, equipment and training. Team GB, meanwhile, is aiming to make a profit on its first Winter Games since 1998 – and is being given support by bosses at Visit Scotland and tourist boards in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Every UK region has been tasked with finding 1 million visitors between them during February 2019 – before accounting for any home crowd effect around Team GB’s chances.

Prize money

The prize money for WPC 2027 is $50,000,000. The winner will get $20,000,000 and 2nd place will be awarded with $10,000,000. Any remaining prize money will be distributed as follows: 3rd – 5th place with $3,500,000 each; 6th – 8th place with $2,250.000 each; 9th – 15th place with $1,500.00 each; 16th – 25h place with$ 1 , 000. 00 each; 26th – 50th place with $ 500.00 each.

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