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Gojek Clone: The Best One-Stop-Shop For Your Customers

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Do you know what a one-stop solution is? To many it is known as a virtual marketplace and to rest, this solution is a digital space centered to offer multiple services. If you take a look at the Gojek clone app, it contains a vast variety of services just like you’d find at the local market. So, in this blog, we’ll discuss the services users can avail of from the mobile app, the website, and even via the manual calling system!


Uber is a famous taxi booking mobile application but the Gojek clone app offers more than the original Uber app! Your customers may find the service very similar, but the distinguishing point is – that customers can book taxi rides, moto rides, rentals, and even car pooling options.

Besides booking these taxi services from their smartphones, users can also use iWatch for the same! The rider can easily track the taxi or moto driver’s location on their iWatch or smartphone via the in-app navigation system. Even the app owner gets to earn a commission on every ride that is rendered through the app!


The app also lets the users get contactless store deliveries or take away orders! Here the users can order items from restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other local stores. Within a few minutes, a Gojek clone delivery driver will pick up the order from the selected location and deliver it to the user.

In case the user is not at home or the delivery address, the delivery driver will drop off the package at the doorstep. They will click and upload the photo as proof of delivery, and update the user about it immediately!


This service component of the applications lets the user book services of professionals like doctors, beauticians, carpenters, dog walkers, babysitters, and so on. With just a few taps on the mobile screen, the users can compare the profiles of various ‘available’ providers and hire one of them on-the-spot!

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Gojek clone also has a photo gallery option wherein the providers can add multiple pictures and videos of their previous works. Think of this photo gallery as the provider’s portfolio! This feature facilitates easy hiring decisions for the user.


The professional personal shoppers are no one but Delivery Genie. A Genie is someone who’ll go shop for anything that the user wants from the said location or store and deliver it directly to the user’s doorstep! Say, a user wants to purchase some magazines and books from the local book store but doesn’t have time for it. In that case, the user can simply add all the details and photos of the items they need on the Gojek clone and send a service request.

Any genie who is close to the location will accept the request and go to the bookstore to make the purchase. At the store, the genie will use their money to make the purchase. And when they reach the user’s location and hand over the required items to them, the user will pay them the total amount including the delivery charges!


Purchase the complete Gojek clone today with Payment Milestones and get ready to launch the app in 1 – 2 weeks!

Trust me, a well-established white-labeling firm is the best thing that could happen to you. Try their demo apps and look for video testimonials of their clients before you move ahead and purchase the package!

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