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Have You Tried Ubtan Face Wash? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should!

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Your skin goes through a lot, from the sweaty summer to the dry winters. Moreover, the day-to-day damage to the skin from harmful sun rays, pollution, and unhealthy food choices can wreak havoc on the skin. Thus, the importance of skincare must be addressed. However, taking care of the skin daily is worth your time, and with the face’s natural glow with ubtan products Ubtan Face Wash, this product can effortlessly handle several skin troubles!

While we can discuss the skin problems we face every day, here’s all you need to know about this ubtan face wash, its benefits, five reasons to use it, and how to use it. But first, let’s understand more about the concoction known as ubtan.

What is ubtan?

Ubtan is a traditional Indian face mask made with natural ingredients that add glow to your face. These ingredients mostly suit all skin types and have the nourishing properties to fight acne, dryness, and tan to ensure flawless skin. 

Ubtan pastes are still an integral part of pre-bridal beauty treatments. While there are different ubtan recipes found in different parts of India, the ingredients that stay constant are turmeric, saffron, milk, and rose water. 

Four reasons to use Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash

We should opt for smarter and safer options because of a shortage of time and preparation. We thus advise using Mamaearth’s skincare products that use natural and toxin-free ingredients. One of their popular products is the Ubtan Face Wash. 

This face cleanser is free from toxins and harmful chemicals; thus, it is safe for everyone to use. In addition, the natural ingredients work their magic on the skin. Here are the four main ingredients and their goodness factor:

  • Turmeric: Turmeric protects the skin. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties keep the skin healthy. It also helps in delaying the onset of aging looks.
  • Carrot seed oil: It gives a natural glow to the face by removing tan and spots.
  • Walnut Beads: With gentle exfoliation, the walnut beads remove dead cells leaving the skin bright and fresh.
  • Saffron: It adds to the skin’s natural glow and radiance and soothes it.

Here’s why else you should choose it:

  • Removes tan

Tan and dull skin troubles are the uninvited guests we are usually never ready for. However, they can be minimized with regular use of this ubtan-based face wash. It contains all the ingredients that are known best to combat tan and remove it. 

For instance, carrot seed oil and saffron remove tan from the skin’s upper layer. In addition, Turmeric restores the face’s natural glow and cools down the skin.

  • Fights sun damage and protects skin

Strong UV rays damage the skin and cause sunburn. All the sun-related skin woes can be washed off with an ubtan face cleanser. Walnut beads remove impurities by exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. 

It also helps bring back the smooth, bright skin that is otherwise hidden under the damaged skin. In addition, Turmeric’s antioxidant properties aid in filtering out UVA and UVB effects. It also soothes itching, irritation, and burns caused by the sun.

  • Keeps skin healthy and bright

This safe and toxin-free face wash comes with the natural goodness of turmeric, which is known for its skin-enhancing properties. Turmeric controls red-faced acne inflammation, heals pimples, and reduces their size. 

It also restricts the pimple from spreading by eradicating acne-causing bacteria. In addition, the antioxidant properties protect the skin from free radical damage while improving the skin tone, texture, and complexion.

  • Fights the signs of aging

Nobody wishes to look bigger than their existing age. But we do want to look timeless. Regular use of this ubtan-based face wash works on fine lines and wrinkles by decreasing their appearance. 

This cleanser helps reverse the damage to the skin by acne scarring. Talking about even skin tone, you can try our stretch marks cream for effective results.

How to use this face wash?

  • Apply a generous amount of Ubtan Face Wash on your wet face
  • Massage the face wash gently with your fingertips. Follow a circular motion while massaging.
  • Rinse off face wash with running water and pat dry.

Pro Tip: Apply moisturizer after washing your face for better results.


With new skincare products being added to the block every few months, it is natural to get confused between the numerous options. However, the trick is selecting as many natural and safe skincare products as possible. For instance, ubtan-based face wash gives clean and bright skin free from acne. 

Sometimes, too much weight loss, weight gain, or pregnancy can result in stretch marks on various parts of your body. As natural and beautiful as this phenomenon is, some might worry if it will last forever. But, of course, you can always try Mamaearth’s Stretch Marks Cream to lighten scars and reduce stretch marks.

This natural beauty product nourishes your skin with natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Milk Protein that keep your skin soft and smooth. It also keeps your skin free from dryness and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It is dermatologically tested, free from harmful chemicals, and suited for all skin types!

Perfection is overrated. Your body is why you endure the day with all your zeal and enthusiasm. With age, your body undergoes several changes that may make it appear uneven. But don’t these little changes and signs show you how far you have come already? 

Happy skincare! 



Q1. Who can use an ubtan-based face wash?

A1. This face wash is recommended for both men and women who are of 15 years and older. This face wash is crafted to suit all skin types.

Q2. How often can I use ubtan face wash?

A2. You can use Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash twice daily. It is made with gentle and natural ingredients like saffron and turmeric. Therefore, it is safe to use it daily.

Q3. Can this face wash give my skin a natural glow?

A3. Yes, people mostly use Ubtan Face Wash to restore the face’s natural glow. Both key ingredients: saffron and turmeric, help brighten the skin complexion by retaining moisture and keeping the natural pH intact. Moreover, this cream has proven beneficial in handling sun tans and spots.

Q4. An Ubtan Face Wash is for the face. Which other product do you suggest for reducing stretch marks?

A4. You can try our highly effective and best-selling stretch mark removal cream. Loaded with the goodness of shea butter, peptides, and milk protein, this toxin-free stretch mark cream heals and hydrates the skin. This cream also restores the original elasticity of the skin.

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