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HEIC vs JPG – compatibility

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Any iPhone or Mac running iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra can open HEIC images. Most platforms outside the Apple ecosystem also support this format. But there are many stars involved.

For example, on Windows 10, you need to download the corresponding codecs separately from Microsoft. However, due to licensing issues, the HEVC codec required to decode HEICIdeally, Windows 10 should also run on a 6th generation Intel processor or newer for hardware decoding of HEIC images. Otherwise, software decoding can lead to performance problems.

As far as Android is concerned, only smart phones with Android Pie 9 or later can open HEIC images. This problem; there are many more devices that cannot be upgraded to Android Oreo 8.

Fortunately, Apple has addressed compatibility issues with the iPhone.

If you try to upload or attach a HEIC image to native or third-party apps (like Mail), iOS will automatically convert it to JPG.

Your iPhone must also convert HEIC files to JPGwhen copying them to a PC (or non-HEIC-compatible Mac) via USB manually. You can find the setting that controls this under Preferences> Photos> Transfer to Mac or PC.

On the other hand, newer versions of photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom, GIMP, and Pixelmator have started to support the HEIC format. This should help it gain momentum over time.

What is the best?

HEIC is an excellent format in almost every way. You get incredibly smaller images with almost, if the not better quality than JPEGs.

You do have compatibility issues. But it is relatively easy to convert heic to jpg as needed. On the iPhone, this should happen automatically when sharing images, even if you don’t notice it.

You can still go back to shooting in JPEG format. For example, on iPhone, go to Settings> Camera> Formats and select Most Compatible to change the camera capture setting from HEIC to JPEG. Similar options must also be present on other devices for capturing photos supported by HEIC (or HEIF).

Unless you have major compatibility issues between your devices, we recommend using HEIC instead of JPG. In addition to saving space, the technical benefits of HEIC imaging may play a role in the future. In other words, HEIC should help you preserve your memories for the future. also try out this tool Convert JPG To PNG

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