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How to draw a snowflake

How to draw a snowflake
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How to draw a snowflake?

How to draw a snowflake with step by step doodle. When I made my days from January’s newsletters, I knew I wanted to go with a cold winter theme. I crossed my daily December “Countdown of Christmas doodles,” and I decided to make a snowflake Christmas for the day about my normal Christmas doodles. It was such a relaxing doodle to do that I was done creating some additional snowflake designs in my sketchbook.

I also had some requests to create snowflake models for our readers. It was only the apology I had to do more of these impressive snowflakes. So please read it to find all 6 hand-drawn snowflake doodles.


If you enjoy doodling a snowflake, it is necessary to comprehend this basic concept: snowflakes have six pages. All snowflakes have six pages or points as the ice crystal molecules of a hexagonal structure join. The snowflakes are made of water molecules that bind together when this bond freezes.

So if you want to learn how to create a snowflake, the foremost thing you need to remember is to do it with 6 points. In this way, it will be realistic and natural. The best is that no snowflake is similar, which means that your snowflakes spurts, unique and as complex or easy as you like!

How to draw a snowflake: Easy stepped step

We start with lines crossing in the middle for doodle snowflakes to make sure our snowflake has points. However, you do not have to follow chemistry lessons in doodle if it is easy to do with 8 pages. I say, I say! My daughter saw my doodles, and she made her versions. Most of them have 8 pages, and I still believe they are brilliant!

How do you draw a snowflake?

If you want to create balanced snowflakes, I urge you to start with 2 bars whereby an X, another line through the medium to produce six symmetrical pages. You can train a little before you add the details of the snowflake.

How to create snowflakes

Would you like to know how to draw doodles for every season and topic? Look at our huge list of step-by-step doodle tutorials. It has a simple step guide that everyone can follow.

Simple snowflake drawing.

It is the simplest design. Do not forget to start with an X and cross the middle to create the first step with 6 lines.

Simple snowflake drawing.

It is another very simple design, with simple, straight characteristics at each point that produces different designs. You can play and create your variation.

Star snowflake doodle.

In the second drawing, you could even stop this snowflake, but I have added some additional lines to look like a star.

Cool snowflake pattern

The snowflakes can have 6 or 6 pages, so I added lines to the middle to make the pages more important.

Symmetrical snowflake

I like how he turned out with some additional geometric shapes.

Drawing of the snowflake doodle

You can add random objects in the first six lines, and it will be a unique snowflake.

Learn how cool drawings can draw

Every child has a passion! Some enjoy becoming teachers, others like explorers, and others want to be designers. You know that you collect an artist if you can always find your child with a hand drawing tool. The main idea is to focus on your child to achieve his true potential! You need to encourage your child’s ability to draw, and you have to do everything in your power to support your passion to the best of your abilities.

Drawing is an educational tool, a way to make a big person in life thanks to an early artistic expression in childhood. Therefore, you should always encourage your child to draw whether he has a passion for doing it. Drawing ideas offers creativity. It helps to strengthen a child’s imagination and can also make shops such as doodles or heavy and funny coloring.

Cool style drawings are easy.

Another great thing about drawing is that your child can certainly create/draw everything he wants. To draw a bird to be allowed to get a car, many possibilities come from drawing and doodling. It is an incredible educational tool that awakens creativity and helps every child improve how he thinks. If your child attracts a car at an early age, he could become an excellent long-term car designer.

The idea is easy if you see that your child can draw. You should always try to promote this activity. It helps to make the experience rewarding and interesting without forgetting that the value that your child receives here is a second.

Simple and cool drawings

Simple and cool drawings

Encourage your child is very important because it can easily help offer him the directive he needs in life. It’s a good process and one that can inspire him to pursue a specific career. It is a wonderful educational experience that brings several results to several results you find somewhere back! In addition, with the help of a child’s drawing, his opinion can be designed and creative. It will think faster, it will be open to ideas open, and it will have a much stronger and friendly spirit.

Coloring and drawing can certainly help to lead your child incredibly in life. Although it can first be a bit difficult, the drawing can also be filled with interesting experiences and amazing merits. Therefore, you should always try to promote the drawing whenever you see your child try. It may seem a simple process, but it offers extraordinary benefits and offers incredible results to start—all you need to continue your child’s creativity. In the end, even the easiest drawing of a car can help her child become a coveted artist!

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