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How to Make Your Private Label Wireless Led Teeth Whitening Kit Brand Stand Out?

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What Are Mistakes In Wireless Led Teeth Whitening Kit To Avoid

The only way to achieve and maintain a bright, pearly smile is through regular dental care. Brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly is non-negotiable when it comes to your oral health.

If you’re looking for a little more help in maintaining that perfect white smile then you may want to try out teeth whitening kits. But which one should you choose? Look no further than this article! Our team at Smile Squared have created an informative resource guide on what mistakes to avoid when purchasing a teeth whitening kit.


What Are the Most Common Mistakes To Avoid?

  1. Make Sure It Is Fda Approved

You want to be certain that the product you choose is FDA approved with a list of ingredients. This will reduce your risk of having a bad reaction to the bleaching ingredient or getting poor results from the product. Also look for kits that have been featured in magazines and have glowing reviews from previous customers.

  1. Do Your Research About The Bleaching Ingredients

Some whitening chemicals can lead to discoloration or other side effects like tooth sensitivity, sensitivity gums and even damage sensitive tooth enamel. So be sure to avoid those ingredients that could lead to these problems and do some research into the ingredients that are being used. For example, some bleaching kits use carbamide peroxide, which might not be appropriate for someone with sensitive teeth.

  1. Avoid Kits That Include Bleach

The fact is, bleach is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs if you want beautiful whitened teeth and a healthy smile. There have been reports of people suffering from severe allergic reactions even after just one use of a bleach containing product. And there are no long term effects studies proving the safety of using bleach on your teeth. So keep this in mind!

  1. Avoid Kits That Have A High Concentration Of Bleaching Agent

The higher the percentage of bleaching agent in a tooth whitening kit, the more intense the effect you will get. However, high concentration can also lead to sensitivity gums, irritated lips, teeth and even some enamel erosion. So be sure to research the percentage of chemical being used so that you aren’t subjecting your smile to any unnecessary harm.

  1. Choose A Kit That Is Suitable For Your Skin Color

Harmful side effects like tooth sensitivity can occur as a result of using whitening kits that are too strong for your skin tone.

How to Solve Your Wireless Led Teeth Whitening Kit Problems

If you’re a fan of using wireless teeth whitening kits, you may have experienced in the past that they have sometimes caused your mouth to become dry, or that some people are allergic to the toothpaste. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of troubleshooting and tips for keeping your teeth whiter than ever before.

  1. Make sure you’re using it correctly
  2. Remember to always use sunscreen when using these products outside!
  3. Check how much liquid is left in the tube before each use- if less than 10ml remains, it’s time for a new kit!
  4. If your mouth is dry after using the kit, try using a toothpaste without fluoride for a few days.
  5. Make sure to always follow the instructions at the back of the box when it tells you how long to wait between each use.
  6. It’s common for people with sensitive teeth to feel discomfort during or after use- drink water, brush your teeth gently and avoid drinking any hot beverages until it subsides.
  7. Do not apply light directly onto your gums as some people may find this uncomfortable or even painful!
  8. Try to avoid eating or drinking anything cold within a few minutes of whitening, as this will make your teeth feel like they’ve been temporarily frozen!
  9. If you are whitening at home, try to avoid talking while the light is shining on your teeth.
  10. If you notice that your teeth start feeling sensitive at any point during regular usage or after an hour or so of use, just brush gently and rinse your mouth with water until the sensitivity subsides.
  11. Try to avoid wearing lip stick while using these kits as it may cause a temporary pink tinge to linger on your teeth after use!
  12. If you have sensitive gums, try to avoid dropping the toothpaste as this may cause minor damage!
  13. Always shake the toothpaste before and after use, or else it can become lumpy and harden in between applications.
  14. If you’re a smoker and want to whiten your teeth at home but the mouth feeling dry after using it, try using a water based alternative that contains no fluoride!

16. If you do need to use toothpaste with fluoride, just make sure it’s not one of those aerosol ones! Small particles can be inhaled more easily when using these products, so make sure it’s a gel or paste form rather than a spray version.

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