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How To Move Antiques And Piano During House Moving

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Individuals and other entities are in high demand for piano, antique, and work of art removals. You have probably come this far because you are in search of something similar and want reliable information.

We will show you how to move pianos and other high-value items, regardless of whether they are part of complete moving service for individuals, or if the transfer is exclusive. If you are in Canada you may want to know How To Choose The Best Movers In Ajax?


Moving pianos: Some peculiarities

Piano removals require special care. These large and fragile musical instruments require special care. They must be handled by professionals who are highly skilled in their handling.

Moving pianos can cause damage to precious hardwood finishes and internal mechanisms.

A piano is bulky and heavy. It weighs between 180 to 270 kilos and 200 to 500 kilos for an upright piano. An upright piano measures 1.5×1.5 meters while a grand piano is 2.5m at its longest point.

These objects, as you can see, are special items that should only be left to professionals who are skilled in moving pianos or other instruments.


Can you move a piano yourself?

It is common to think about the possibility of moving a piano by yourself. You can ask a neighbor, friend, or brother-in-law to help you move the piano. Any duo that is more enthusiastic and strong than skilled and experienced can mobilize the musical instrument.

Many people don’t know how to measure effort and the consequences, so they can be impulsive about embarking on an adventure.

Pianos are not easy objects to move due to their size or weight. Because of their irregular structure, it is difficult to determine the instrument’s center of gravity and balance it correctly. This mobilization can only be done by professionals who are familiar with the process.

Pianos can be very valuable objects. Owners tend to keep them in good condition and don’t hesitate to hire a professional moving company to help with their move.


Additional fees may apply for certain moves

You must let the person who will give you an estimate for your move if you plan to transport a piano.

All the factors mentioned above affect the price. Additional fees will be considered for special services. Different pianos may require different moving companies.

The characteristics of the service will result in an additional charge of between 200 and 450 Euros. The price of the service isn’t as important as its quality. We can offer some guidance: Removals of antiques and pianos should be left to professionals with experience in similar situations.


Moving insurance that covers damage and defects

You should also ensure that your transport company has good insurance. This will cover any damage or flaws that might occur while moving pianos or other valuable objects. Good insurance for third parties covers damage to your piano or other valuable objects. Insurance covers damage to the object.

There is nothing that can replace the loss of a piano with sentimental and great value. You will still have the extra assurance that no friend or pirate can give you.


We can help you

Our company has many years of experience handling musical instruments, antiques, or works of art. This type of service is performed by our team of professionals. Contact us to get your quote.

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