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Is it better to have breakfast before or after jelly?

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Starting the day with a workout is an option supported by many athletes, especially runners. Better yet, get up in the morning and eat before you finish or after breakfast?

“Two options are acceptable, but it all depends on our agenda and goals. All of us,” said Marta Games. ., NC Health Group technology director. “However, if there is no proper training or lack of energy (according to personal goals), it will be enough to eat enough (especially carbohydrates) before the race happens.

An expert explained that current research has concluded on the importance of fasting and carbohydrate intake affecting body function, and early results seem to indicate that exercise and an empty stomach induce changes in the muscles that make it more useful. Fat as an energy source for physical activity. However, epl중계 has pointed out that the purpose of breakfast before the run is to lose weight, indicating that it does not lead to weight loss.

Approved by the American College of Sports Medicine

(ACSM, for its meaning) seems to be best for all non-professionals. Through ACSM, they report that when you increase your total carbohydrate intake or skip their meal and exercise to improve arterial response, it’s paramount that we make sure our bodies need it. It is important and the ability to prepare food that suits our personal preferences.

So you can run

With that in mind, Games pointed out that we could run in our stead in the morning:

Based on all this, we can run in the morning in three situations:

In empty years

Although our diet contains nutrients and energy, you can run on an empty stomach.

“Take advantage of the choice of exercise differences in carbohydrate intake, exercise and duration (eating carbohydrates before or after exercise, sleeping without carbohydrates, plan two. Exercise daily without breaking down the carbohydrates, etc.) Eating carbohydrates during exercise can be beneficial. Increased support from training or the body the response to the stimulus However, if we run on an empty stomach, we will be healthy for a day that allows recovery “We do not forget to drink water,” said the NC health director.

In “Half and Half”

“Half speed” is the difference between eating healthy and not eating breakfast. Experts are hiding this option because there’s some evidence that getting protein in the white stomach before exercising on a controlled diet or low-carb diet can help double that. “We will maintain a healthy protein balance (we will maintain and/or gain body weight) and at the same time the tissues will undergo significant changes,” he said. Added that free oil should be reduced as much as possible. † To speed up digestion and avoid discomfort during physical activity.

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