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Is my Instagram Account Shadow banned? How to find it?

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Is there any sudden dip in your Instagram engagement rates? Why are there fewer likes and comments under your post? is there no rise in the follower numbers despite the great content? If so, then the chances are high that Instagram has shadowbanned. But what is Shadowbane? Do you have any idea about it? In this blog, we will educate the UK Instagram followers all about the shadowban. So are you ready to find out about it more?

So before we find out about it, relax and take a deep breath. In some cases, the low interaction ratio and growth are because of a change in the Instagram algorithm. In the past, this digital handle followed the chronological news feed, but now it is no longer chronological. Instagram algorithm studies the activity of the followers on your posts. It counts the number of likes, comments, and shares and saves in link to the fan base count. So these are the activity that determines the engagement rates. If your post has a low count of saves, shares, or likes, it affects the engagement rate and reduces the reach of the content. For this, people even buy Instagram likes Uk.

Is it Shadowbanning?

But the change in the algorithm is not shadowbanning. It is something else that you have to figure out. The current digital handles the execution of shadowbans, and content take-done automatically. It’s the thing that more profiles are experiencing nowadays. It often happens to the Instagrammers who even do not break any Instagram community guidelines.

Whether you are shadowbanned or not?

Are you experiencing a sudden drop in the growth of your businesses? There is zero or no engagement on the content? So are you shadowbanned by this photo-sharing app community, or is it the algorithm’s change?

So, if you are confused about whether it is shadowbanned or not and how to figure it out, relax. Before that, you have to ignore all the shadowbanned tester tools. These are all selling tactics and make the buyers purchase the useless tools. So, do not fall for these scams and fate apps. In this section, we have carefully crafted the list of the top three perfect mean to find whether your account is shadowbanned or not.

Before jumping into the ocean of knowledge, let me clear you regarding shadowbanned.

Shadowbanning the Mystery

Fairly, it is vital to understand what this really means. Instagram shadowban your profiles when the content is visible to the fewer audiences or unable to surface on all photo-sharing mediums of other users like:

  • #tags feed
  • explore pages
  • home pages

Indeed it reduces the reach and visibility of your content because no one outside your present followers will view your profiles. No one can engage and follow the post; hence you buy Instagram likes Uk. But it will never work until and unless you deal with the shadowbanned issue.

 Is Instagram shadowbanned you?

Are you ready to figure out if this digital handle shadowbanned your profile? So, take a deep breath and relax! So following are the simple steps that may help you guide you in this regard.

Three-Step to Follow 

  • Look for someone with an Instagram profile that never follows you
  • Posy on this digital handles using the #tags you normally use in your content
  • Ask the individual who never follows you on the Instagram whether they can view your post under particular #tags

Is your Current Content Hitting the Instagram Shadowbann policy?

So do you like to find out whether your current content falls under the shadowbanned or not? Then follow the step discussed below?

  • Make then ew content on this top-sharing app utilizing your particular #tags.
  • So ask your friend ‘friend or any other person who is not following you on Instagram to check the #tags you use in the post. When they type the #tag on the explore page, they can view your post.
  • If they are still unable to see your consent under that particular tag, then the chances are high that Instagram has shadowbanned you.

Remember one thing: You can’t use your profile to check whether you are shadowbanned or not. It is useless if you search the specific #tags to explore your content. Do not ask your followers to do this for you. Look For the individual who is not following you.

If you discuss the Instagram algorithm games, it shows your post under the participle tag when you search it from your account. It has nothing to do with the shadowban thing.


So, now you have a full idea about shadowbanning. Now you can choose whether you are shadowbanned or not, or it is just a change in the Instagram algorithm. Before you plan to buy Instagram likes Uk to boost the interaction rate, check these points for shadowbanning.

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