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Is There A Special Technique Windows Cleaning?

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You can only get your windows streak-free and shiny with the right tools. There are now numerous tools on the market, such as window wipers and window vacuums, which make the unpopular housework easier. However, with the right technique and home remedies, you can achieve excellent results.

How to use the sponge correctly

Use the sponge to either apply warm soapy water to the glass or work the sprayed window protection spray onto the window pane. After you have applied the cleaning agent to the pane with a sponge, you should follow a certain sequence. Always move the sponge in small circles! Another tip is that you don’t start randomly in one place. Always work your way from top to bottom. Then run the sponge from the inside out.

How to pull off correctly

A squeegee is used to dry the wet pane again. Make sure that you guide the puller horizontally. You can achieve the best results if you remove the remaining cleaning water from the window pane in just one stroke per strip. Dry the squeegee with kitchen roll after each strip. This is the only way to prevent the dirt from being redistributed on the window pane.

How to remove residual water after peeling

Of course, residual water collects at the end of the sheet when you pull it off. Dry it with chamois leather, a microfiber cloth or a lint-free cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can remove the remaining water with newspaper. Always wipe the side window edge from top to bottom and make circular movements. Wipe the underside of the window sill and window frame again to remove the dripping water.

Which home remedies are suitable for cleaning windows?

If you are environmentally conscious or you don’t have a special cleaning agent at hand, you can also use a natural one. In contrast to chemical Vinduespudser, home remedies do not endanger your health and are cheaper to buy. Vinegar essence and citric acid are among the best-known and most efficient natural home remedies for streak-free and sparkling clean windows without fat deposits.


Fill a bucket with warm water and add a squirt of dish soap. Now you can apply the rinse water to the window pane with the soft sponge.


Vinegar is an excellent natural remedy for effortlessly removing stubborn limescale stains. Limescale likes to settle on the window panes in the bathroom. Add just a dash of vinegar to a bucket of warm water. With this home remedy, you not only remove limescale residues, but you can also prevent unsightly sheers. The advantage is that vinegar protects the environment and is inexpensive to buy.


Alcohol is a tried and tested cleaning agent, but this household remedy has an unpleasant smell. If your skin comes into contact with alcohol, it will be severely dried out. Therefore, you should wear gloves when cleaning windows.


Another home remedy for dirty windows is ammonia. A splash in warm water is enough to give glass surfaces a beautiful shine.

Linseed oil

Make matt window panes shine with linseed oil. Put a few drops of linseed oil on a lint-free cotton or microfiber cloth and let the oil work for a few minutes. Wash off the oil layer and enjoy the shine of the windows and the brightness of the interior.

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