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kumara parvatha
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The Kumara Parvatha is located in the Western Ghats and it is the most impressive top in the Coorg region of Karnataka. The journeying trail, otherwise called the Pushpagiri journey, here is a gigantically familiar among the two amateurs and prepared passengers and the experience will take you through thickly forested land, rock moving over huge volcanic rocks and you will experience some peculiar and greenery which is just seen in tropical slopes. A few marks on the path are very troublesome and even skilful passengers think that it’s hard to cross. Individuals from southern India much of the time come here to cherish the trip. 


The journeying trail takes the adventurer through the Pushpagiri Untamed life Safe-haven so you will get an extra twofold thrill in spending a jungle journey just like a trip. The journey is located at a stature of 1712 meters. The Kumara Parvatha route distance is roughly 13 kilometres, and the total trip time is around 8 to 10 hours. The trouble level for the trip is from easy to difficult. 


Best Time for the Trip 


Albeit the Kumara Parvatha journey can be embraced whenever the best and perfect occasion to visit is from October to January and from June to September. The summers in South India are very sweltering and hot and you can’t detect or be able to watch the amazing greenery around. The dampness will in addition sap you of your energy. The winters, then again, are very wonderful and when you start early, you will see the slope canvassed in fantastic fogs and haze. Indeed, even the rainstorms are a far-fetched chance to travel on the foundation that the slopes become lavish again and fluorescence sprouts along the way, alongside honey bees and butterflies coming out to warm you. 


About the Path 


The journey starts a little way off the Kukke Subramanya Sanctuary and it is not difficult to track down in radiance of the billboard. For the starting not many kilometres, the journey is very casual and you will be frequently rising through the thick timberlands which will take you to the fields. The progress till this part is truly amazing and you will cherish nature as you have at no other time. Rest at Bhatt’s Home for some time and eventually continue some more for a duo of kilometres. Make certain to take a license from the Timberland Office here to camp for the time being or probably you will not be allowed to. Camp for the time being under the stars and wonder about the excellence of open skies. 


The following day, the journey will begin in the early morning and it will take you to the Kallu Mandapa which is located succeeding to a rivulet. You should Shesh Parvat from here which turns out to be the toughest part of the trip. Here the travelling casually slows down for some time to a clearing. From that prong of time again you need to climb up a slope that will take you through high stones. From that prong, you will experience a tough way. Which will take you to the knolls and from that prong to the culmination. You will see an unbelievable perspective on the Madikeri from here. 


After a break at the culmination, you can drop by means of a similar course. It will essentially take around 3 hours to arrive at the timberland studio. A few hours to arrive at the foundation. You can stay unchanged for the time being at the Kukke Subramanya and stay over at Coorg for a compendious travelling. 


Spots of Interest 


The path will take you through many places of interest and subsequently, the journey never gets bored. Remember to accept your smartphone as you will experience a lot of unbelievable sights. 


The Kukke Subramanya Sanctuary at the beginning stage sees a normal inundation of explorers. It is devoted to king Kartikeya of Hindu folklore. At that point, there is the Sringeri Mutt which is a perfect shelter. That has wonderful sculptures inside it that are abundantly redolent of the Vijaynagar structural style. The Bildwara Cavern can be probed also in the cause that you have some time. It is said that it was the shelter of the snake lord Vasuki. You will come over these caverns on the way to the Kukke Subramanya Sanctuary. The Mallalli Cascades will blow your mind with amazing cascades and shakes and can be gotten to from Somwarpet. Another amazing water pouring here is the Abbimatta Falls and it is an amazing place for photography. You can moreover see elephants in the safe in their normal natural surroundings. 


On the long odds that you end up remaining at Coorg later. Don’t miss the Nunnery Falls, the Iruppu falls and the Namdroling Religious community. You should moreover look in on the Raja’s Situate and do visit the impressive estates here.


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