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List of Flowers Used for Lord Shiva Puja

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God is the creator of the whole world. Beliefs are important about God because they always protect you. Suppose no one supports God, always behind you. God is your best friend because you always share your happiness and sadness with God. If you share your feelings about God, but God knows everything. Faith is hope. If you are faithful to God, God will always bless you. People go to different temples to earn lovely blessings. God is always there for you and always helps you to face all things which are happening in your life. God is one, but people do puja according to their beliefs. And, also people believe in Lord Shiva. When the day of fast comes from Lord Shiva, people always choose those things for the puja that complete your puja properly. Also, people called Lord Shiva’s Bholenath. 

The flowers are a necessity for the completion of the puja. To complete your puja and earn God’s blessing, visit flowers online, a bouquet of flowers, and order flowers online. The beauty of flowers created by God is also chosen for the perfect puja. When you choose the favorite flower of your God, it represents how faithful you are to your God? Now, let’s discuss which flowers you can choose to earn your Lord shiva blessings:


Everybody knows dhatura is very important when doing puja for lord shiva. Datura is a favorite flower of Lord Shiva. During the Maha Shivratri puja, the datura is the most choosable flower. Datura plays different roles. It is also useful for medical purposes. The datura is more valuable than other flower when the lord Shiva’s puja. Datura is the necessarily important flower for your lord shiva’ puja. When the people go to Lord Shiva’s mandir, they always choose datura. For your lord shiva’s puja, choose datura flowers to send flowers online, flowers online delivery, and flower bouquets.

Bela para

There are also important bel patra when you pray to Lord Shiva. When the worship Lord Shiva the Bela Patra is more usable. When you are going to any temple of Shiva, you always see the bel patra being put on Shivling. If you are faithful to Lord Shiva, you also choose bel Patra for trying to make your Lord Shiva happy. Everybody believes Lord Shiva is whole because there are rare chances of anger, and Shiva is giving a blessing to your devotees.     


There are lots of flower which make everything perfect. Jasmine flowers are also important for your puja. The shivling is also decorated with flowers. For the peace of your heart, choose jasmine flower for your Lord Shiva. Also, Shivling looks more adorable, but you also choose this jasmine flower for your Shiva’s decoration. The jasmine flowers are also lovely to decorate your puja room in your home. It is also believed that when you choose jasmine flowers for Shivling, you earn positive vibes and wealth in your home.


The roses are adorable for the puja of Lord Shiva. The fragrance of roses also makes a connection with your Lord Shiva. The perfumes are also chosen which are made with roses. The roses are the effect of your Lord Shiva. To worship the Lord of Shiva, choose roses on roses online, order roses online, and online rose delivery. The fragrance of roses always gives a vibe you are blissful. The roses help to share your thoughts with your Lord Shiva. You also choose a different color of roses for the worship of Lord Shiva. 


Marigold flowers are also the most popular and useful flower of God. The marigold flowers are chosen for the decoration of the temple. People also choose the mallah of marigold of your God. people decorated their puja room with marigold flowers. Everybody thinks the marigold flowers are an attractive choice when starting puja. The marigold flowers also look enchanting for the puja of Lord Shiva. The marigold flowers are also chosen for door toran in temples and puja rooms. Your faithfulness represents worship. God always worships devotees and what they choose for puja of God. The marigold flowers are also part of the puja of Lord Shiva. 

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