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Mobile Hold’em Short Stack

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Anyone who has experienced the pressure felt as the points are reduced in Mobile Hold’em will be acutely aware of. Everyone wants to be a knight and works hard for it, but it is not easy. When the chip runs out, you unconsciously think about giving up the game, but you should never give up until the end. This is because anyone can face a crisis, and the person who manages the crisis well becomes the winner in the end. Even if you are being pushed, you should always try to make sure you don’t have points left below 8x the big blind. If your points are less than 8 times the big blind, it’s because you’re not a huge threat to your opponent when you go all-in. And your opponent will call your all-in with relative ease, since you have little money and it looks like you’re going all-in with a bad card.

Consistently eat the little plates pre-flop

If you have 8 times as many points as the big blind and place an all-in bet at the correct timing, you can bring a few small plates and succeed in revival. The important thing here is to be careful and have a tight image. If you are a beginner, you are more likely to call someone all-in.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this hand is the best hand I’ve ever been given

This may make you fold the best hand you can get in an emergency. If you can’t wait any longer, don’t move on now, but if Jishin is not in a blind position, don’t be fooled by the temptation of now.

Avoid big stack players with a lot of money

Unless you are 온라인홀덤 a very strong hand, you should avoid face-to-face encounters with opponents on the big stack. The more you have now, the more your points will decrease in value. It’s like 5,000 won for a 40-year-old adult doesn’t mean much, but it’s a big deal for a little kid in kindergarten. So your opponent may call your all-in with a single high card. If the flop helps you, you’re still in the tournament and your opponent only takes minor damage, but if the flop makes a high one-pair for your opponent, you should be prepared to leave. Remember to always protect your stack. It is best to avoid the negligence.

Lock the match timing and throw everything

In a tournament, everyone asks, ‘Will you dare to win? Will you somehow survive this?’ Most of those unfamiliar with tournaments are under financial pressure with short tackles and lower the blinds a few more times, creating a chipless situation. Then, he throws an all-in saying, “I don’t have a lot of points, so I’ll have to watch the game.” Then he throws an all-in saying, “I don’t have a lot of chips, so I’ll have to watch the game.” Winning is not about giving up the game. There are basic conditions when looking at a match. It’s a question of whether my opponent has the money to be threatened when I throw all-in, and if I pay the price to have room in the blinds when I win.


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