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Mullayangiri Trek Must visit destination

mullyangiri trek
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Mullayangiri is Karnataka’s highest elevation, at 1950 meters above sea level and 20 km and 23 km respectively from Chikmagalur and Baba Budangiri, respectively. On the top of this Mullayanagiri peak is a small temple with a small statue of Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy. Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy witnessed meditation in the cave at the top of Mullayanagiri for many years, according to the regional legend. That’s why the top has its current identity. But the old literature from Kannada refers to the forests under the name ‘Mullai.’ The grottoes on the top of Mullayanagiri are not so deep and they are directly linked to an entry.

Here adventure buffs have a lot to do, as the destination is a place for trekking, road biking and mountain biking.

The panoramic beauty of Mullayanagiri lies in the centre of the Nilgiris and the strong Himalayas. This makes it one of the most attractive destinations for beginner hikers in the Mullayanagiri. From Sarpadhari the road leads to the highest point of Mullayanagiri, which stretches for up to 3 km. It’s very steep, but within 1.5 hours you can easily complete the distance. There is a statue of Nandi, little ponds, and a cave with a little water spring to worship on your way. You need to bring plenty from yourself and there are no food or water supplies. You must otherwise keep hungry and thirsty until you enter the temple of Lord Shiva on the top.

History of Mullayanagiri

A saint named Tapasvi Mullapa Swamy once was there. Once. Locals in and around the area of Mullayanagiri claim that on the high peak of this Mullayanagiri mountain he meditated. The mountain has its actual identity in this sense.


When asphalt and concrete steps were missing in the early days, people climbed the top along a route called Sarpanadi or Sarpadari. In modern times, these are not so popular trails.

How to reach

The hotel is located at a distance of 20 kilometres from the Bus Stand of Chikmagalur. You can plan to use state-run bus services, which take you to Mullayangiri’s foothills. It could be heading to the top summit later on for a hired jeep. You can pick a train on Birur Junction from KSR Bangalore. One must opt to drive from there to Mullayanagiri by hired taxi. From Bangalore to Shimoga, take a bus service. Hire a taxi from there and drive you to Mullayangiri’s foothills. You can either choose to drive yourself or you can book a direct taxi from Bangalore to Mullayangiri. Both sites are about 256.6 km from one another. First of all, fly from Kempegowda International Airport to Mangalore Airport. Then you have to pick a hired taxi ride in Mullayanagiri.


During the springtime, it’s still nice to schedule your tour. The summer sun will turn out to be very exasperating, while in winter the trails can be submerged. Mullayanagiri has heavy downpours and hence it is no safe time to schedule your visit in the rainy season as well. You may be obscured by dense plates of rain on the other side of the upliftment.


 Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy temple- 

Visit the holy Hindu shrine built in the memory of Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy, who meditated atop the Mullayanagiri Hills. 

Jhari cascades

Jhari cascades are located near Attigundi and crowned as one of Chikmagalur’s majestic cascades. This elegance is intensified by the appearance of dense forest cover, and lush green coffee plantations. At the foundation, you can see a little swimming pool where you can lounge by the sun.


 Karnataka Department of horticulture

 It is a corporation of the Karnataka Department of horticulture. It looks like a house with an orchid, where you can see a wide variety of tropical plants and spread gardens in an elegant way. This spot is a perfect weekend rest for the city dwellers.


Jayanthi Coffee, Chikmagalur

This is a place to shop for true flavours of South India’s highest quality coffee filters. You will buy a coffee filter, pure coffee, herbs, sweetheart, coffee makers and more. 


Hirekolale Lake

Hirekolale Lake is a breathtaking sightseeing experience to schedule your tour, nestled in a thick forest shelter of the Western Ghats. This beautiful man-made lake is a perfect location for sunset fans and enthusiastic photographers.



 Bababudangiri is an enticing position in the greatly spread West Ghats of Baba Budan. The site is considered to host both Hindu Dattatreya Peetha and Muslim Baba Budangiri dargah as well as being an excursionist’s paradise.


Kalathgiri Falls –

this is a spot for your tour if you are a nature lover. These falls reflect cascading impacts, enclosed by a deep valley.


It also has a high spirituality among the locals as the home of a sacred Veerbhadra sanctuary. It’s still a popular Chikmagalur trekking destination.

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