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Not all hair transplant centers ensure an optimal result.

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The first step to solve any hair problem is to find a suitable specialist. This point must be taken seriously as it is the basis of success. Putting yourself in the hands of a good hair transplant surgeon is crucial. In fact, making a bad decision can have fatal consequences on the patient’s physical appearance and, consequently, affect his self-esteem.

Choosing the best hair transplant or hair transplant clinic for your hair problem is essential.

You have to have a proactive attitude and, above all, not be confused by “false prophets.” And it is that not all centers that offer hair transplant solutions provide good results. For this reason, you have to be meticulous when looking for a serious Hair transplant Dubai like ours, at the Vila-Rovira Institute. We propose 9 tips:

Search for information and opinions. It may seem obvious but there are those who do not give it the importance it has. The Internet is a powerful tool for gathering the necessary data. You have to browse through forums, blogs or the center’s own web pages. It will also be very useful to meet patients who have had a hair implant in the first person. No one better than them can tell their experience and make their recommendations.

The center must be a specialized clinic

There are places that are known as hair centers, aesthetic units. We are a professional clinic and we carry out the treatments in the same place where we attend consultations. It is true that some aesthetic clinics also offer hair transplants, but it is better to go to specialized clinics whose main objective is hyper-specialization in hair.

Great training and experience of the clinic and the doctor

It is essential that the professional is in possession of a degree, that he is part of the College of Physicians, that he has a long career and success stories in  hair grafting … in many places transplants are carried out by technicians, in our clinic he will be at all times in hands of a plastic surgeon.

The location of the hair clinic is important.

The ideal is to have direct and frequent contact with the hair transplant professional. But perhaps this possibility does not exist in all cities. What happens when we decide to operate in places outside of Spain such as Turkey? Here, although the price dazzles us because of its economics since it is subsidized by the country’s government, they are nothing more than “siren songs” because we must seek the proximity and certainty of the place where we are going to transplant and where we are going to be transplanted. follow. You have to make sure at least that the hair clinic is well connected. Our hair transplant and graft clinic is connected to the rest of the national and international territory.

Check directly the guarantees of the center. You have to visit the hair clinic in person, get to know its facilities. Our hair clinic boasts advanced technological equipment and qualified personnel, as well as order and cleanliness, plus extreme neatness.


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