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Phrases About Karma That Will Make You Understand The Effects Of Your Actions

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Being aware of our karma is for many the way to achieve happiness and inner peace. Our karma is our guide in life, so keeping it in mind is the best way to live. In Coolnsmart we have prepared some phrases to reflect on what karma is and how it affects or enhances our lives. Because believe it or not, the truth is that we always feel that when we act well, positive energy comes to us and vice versa. Get ready to better understand the consequences and effects of your actions with these messages.

What exactly is karma?

Sometimes, in a colloquial way, we easily use the phrase “it’s your Karma Quotes” or even “it’s my karma”, although we do not always understand the depth of this expression in its entirety. Karma is a spiritual concept that is present in various religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

It is believed that it is the energy that is caused based on the actions and even thoughts of people. When we do or think something negative, we provoke a negative energy that will somehow be returned to us in this or other lives. Thus, when we do something for others or have positive thoughts, the karma will return to us at some point in the form of well-being. It is about, above all, accepting that our actions have consequences, beyond the physical and momentary, but at a cosmic, energetic and universal level. Buddhists think that if we had total awareness and awareness of our karma and what it means, the world would be much kinder and humans would be able to live in peace with ourselves and with others.

Karma is really a very powerful concept, which if we internalize it in our lives can help us not only to be happier, but also to make others happier.

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Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests.

Karma is not a punishment but the consequence of our own conscience. Understanding it like this is another way of accepting it in our lives.

I have no reason to hate someone; I believe in good karma and spreading good energy

One of the most important things about karma is trying to spread good thoughts to others, so that we promote good energy in the universe.

My actions are my only belongings. I can’t escape the consequences of my actions

A great phrase about karma from the Buddhist monk, which talks about what we really carry in life and what will define us as people.

We become what we think

Thinking negatively about ourselves does not help us, it is better to value ourselves and think positively, that attitude will make us something wonderful.

Sin makes its own hell and goodness makes its own heaven.

What we decide to contribute to the world will be our karmic destiny.

I wish that what you want for me, you receive it in triplicate for you

A beautiful phrase that helps improves our karma and that of others.

I attract everything positive to me

Repeat this phrase to yourself every day and you will see how suddenly one day you will realize that it is real, because on a karmic level you will be attracting the best into your life.

Hate does not diminish with hate, but with love

According to karma, the best way to remove hate from your life is love in all its manifestations.

Make a decision and get ready for action: the Universe will conspire to make it happen

Do you think it’s real? According to Buddhists and Hindus yes, and it is important to believe that it will be so for it to really happen.


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