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Questions to Ask your Movers and Packers Regarding Relocating House Plants

Questions to Ask your Movers and Packers Regarding Relocating House Plants
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Moving with your plants can be quite different as they are very much sensitive and can die by even a small mishap during the whole move. Many plants might be strong enough to go through the whole process of moving while some can die in the transit or after reaching your destination if not taken care of. You need to be aware of their needs such as soil quality, proper air, temperature regulated move, etc. to prevent them from getting ill.

While you are moving your household stuff with movers and packers, there are services for moving house plants also that they may provide to you. You must ask your movers and packers some questions to know if they are capable of moving your house plants or not. You might also hire another moving company for them separately if you have a whole garden to shift. Here are some common questions for you to ask your moving company.

  • Are you licensed to move plants?

Few storage companies and moving companies frequently have plants on there do not move list so make sure will the moving company put plants on their truck or not a lot of companies don’t move plants. Ask your packers and movers about their licenses and registration. While looking for the packers and movers company, check for their licenses, registrations, GST numbers, Income Tax numbers, etc. Look for things that build trust that the vendor is a legitimate business. A reputed company will honor every documentation, so look for the documents before booking. Satisfy yourself otherwise you might get in trouble.

  • Do you have experience in moving plants?

Plants are living creatures; they have complex systems running from roots to leaves. Not everyone does move plants as a business. Ask for packer and mover company experience for plants relocation.

  • Is your staff trained?

Every industry has a workforce, with new techniques efficiency can be achieved, from advanced computing to hiring foreman, it’s all about the training of people which helps in developing professionalism. To claim more customers companies provide a good amount of training to their workforce. Ask your packers and mover about their training.

  • What packaging material do you use?

Packing plants can be tough, they are living beings and they need to breathe and they can sense temperature change and react accordingly, packing them safely becomes important in that regard. Packing materials include big boxes with holes for ventilation, wrapping your plants with branches in old bedsheets or newspapers to avoid breakage, newspapers, packing materials to fill voids, etc. Does your Boston Moving Company provide this service, ask them.

  • Do you know how to pack the plants properly?

Packing plants is the most important step in the relocation of plants. It’s a long and tedious job. The plant is needed to prune trim and re-potted in new unbreakable pots, and to make it lightweight.

  • Can you move potted plants safely?

You love your plants, so your pots. They are fragile you may ask your service provider to safely package your potted plants. As a suggestion repot your plants to plastic un-breakable pots for transit and use perlite in soils, Perlite is very lightweight. Ask your Packer and mover company will they be able to provide this service. This ensures the safety of plants.

  • Do you have temperature-regulated cabins?

Placing plants in a temperature-regulated cabin will help reduce the stress of plants while transiting. The unregulated cabin is either too hot or cold, if put plants will become under stress and may die. Ask your packer and mover company will they be able to provide this service.

  • Can you provide open transport?

Plants need air circulation, otherwise, they may die because of heat in closed containers. Open transport vehicles can be used for plants, ask your packer and mover company about open transport availability.

  • Do you provide a garden caretaker?

There is a chance you may need extra care for plants, few species are fragile, and they may die because of transit difficulties. Ask your packer and mover company will they be able to provide a caretaker to your plants. It will be an extra service but will be helpful in the perfect relocation of your garden.

  • Do you provide insurance?

Risk protection is important, with just a small amount of money you can safely guard your luggage, despite careful handling few things can break while transit, they can be very precious. You should ask for the insurance plans available with your packers and movers Hyderabad to Bangalore company. If they are not providing insist on them plan one for you.

  • How long have you been in business?

A history of anything can determine a long story of success. An experienced company states that they know the business. In order to build trust, ask your packers and movers company about their years of service, their awards, and recognition.

  • Do you have a website?

Ask for the company’s website. A professional company will have a good running website. It helps in verifying details with the company. You may find reviews on the website too.

By reading reviews one can assess any firm. By looking at ratings and feedback reviews, one can judge the market image, where the company stands, and how favorable it would be to have a business with the firm. Bad remarks are really bad for the image.

  • Can you provide some references?

A good company will not hesitate in providing references to previous clients. You may check for testimonials from previous clients for their services. Before giving any business, check for references and previous projects.

  • Can you offer me some discounts?

There is always a margin in the business. Look for those margins and try to exploit them before giving business. Either ask for direct discounts or ask to match the cheapest quotation offer from the market. You will get a perfect deal out of it.

  • What are your charges and payment terms?

Never pay the total amount upfront. There is always something left at the last in the packers and movers business. When you are finalizing everything, consider their quotation breakdown with each and every charge. You should be clear with all the charges to avoid any disputes in later stages. The extra added services if any need to be removed or added and remember it doesn’t come back as other hidden costs.

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