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Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves : The ideal weekend getaway

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Rajmachi Fort is a mediaeval fort in Lonavala with two stronghold forts. Shrivardhan and Manaranjan are Rajmachi Lonavala’s forts. Visible from the Mumbai Pune Freeway on the correct side is the Borghat, which is known as the Rajmachi View Point near Khandala. Rajmachi is a renowned hiking destination in the Lonavala Hill Stations. The distance from Lonavala towards Rajmachi Fort is 16 kilometres. Rajmachi Fort may be reached by a variety of means. During the winter and summer months, we would be sleeping at Udhewadi Village .Which is situated below the two Balekilla. From Shrivardhan Fort, you can see the lovely Kataldhar waterfall.


Places to visit near rajmachi fort:


The Udaysagar Lake was built in 1712.

By the edge of Udaysagar Lake, there is a Mahadev temple.

Bahiroba Temple is located near Shrivardhan as well as Manaranjan on the plateau.

Trekking in Rajmachi Around May and June, there are fireflies near the end of the summer.

Shrivardhan Fort’s view of Kataldhar Falls (In monsoon only)

Views of Shirota Lake from Shrivardhan Fort. 


Itinerary schedule:


Day 1: Rajmachi Trek


17:00 – Arrival at Lonavala Train Station to meet our trek leaders.

17:20 – Take a local car to the base village.

18:40 – Arrive at the starting village.

Allotment of tents begins at 20:00.

after that you can walk around jungle if you want to


Day 2: Rajmachi Trek


06:00 – Time to get up and visit the Fort.

Sunrise journey to Shrivardhan at 6:30 a.m.

Back to the base village for breakfast at 8:30 a.m., then see the lake and temple at 9:30 a.m.

10:00 a.m. – Begin the drive back to Lonavala in a local car.

Arrive at Lonavala around 11:30 a.m. and disperse.


Rajmachi is frequently referred to as Rajmachi fort. The location is known as Rajmachi .Although it is also known as Udhewadi village. Udhewadi is the trek’s starting point. When you get here, you’ll notice that Rajmachi Fort was actually a pair of fortresses: Shrivardhan Fort as well as Manaranjan Fort.


The Satavahanas erected the twin garrisons at Rajmachi to guard the most important ancient trading route, the Borghat.In ancient times, this road connected the interior Deccan plateau area (now Pune) to India’s western shore (now Mumbai). Shivaji Maharaj, therefore by Emperor Aurangzeb, then by Shahu Maharaj, and last by the British.


Just at the base of Rajmachi’s twin forts, there are many camping possibilities. Set up a tent camp at the Udaysagar Pond or the Kaal Bhairav shrine if you have their own tent and food. If you don’t have your own tent, Udhewadi village may simply rent one for you. Another option is to spend the night at Udhewadi village’s traditional local dwellings. 

Udhewadi Village

Udhewadi Village is a tiny cluster of dwellings nestled in the foothills of the Rajmachi twin forts. There are around 22 households in the area. Because tourism is their livelihood, the inhabitants are incredibly welcoming. These guys provide fantastic homestays at reasonable prices.


Caves of Rajmachi

On the way, there is a cave where we stopped to relax.  This cave is also a good place to pitch up a tent. Rajmachi’s caverns have a capacity of over 40 persons. It’s tough to pitch a tent here since the mountain is usually windy. Instead, the greatest spot to spend the night is in this cave atop Shrivardhan fort. 

Kalbhairavnath temple

The Kalbhairavnath temple is located at the base near Shrivardhan Fort. This temple is indeed a good site to pitch your tent for the night. Because of their near vicinity, the neighbouring mountains appear to be exceedingly high. We stopped here on our route to Shrivardhan Fort. 

We bypassed Manaranjan fort since we needed to go to Kondane village before dusk. From the maximum height of Shrivardhan Fort, Manaranjan could be seen plainly. Manaranjan Fort was utilised for recreation, as its name indicates. On the top, you may still locate rock-cut jacuzzi pools filled with natural water. On a clear day, Dhak Bahiri, Sinhagad, Rudraprayag, Rajgad, Lohagad, and several Matheran mountains may be seen from top of Manaranjan fort. Trying to figure out which mountain belongs to which fort is a fun exercise. 

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