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Secret Features Of Whatsapp Nobody Knows!

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We consider our days to be incomplete if we do not make use of social media. You would be surprised to know that we do not know 70% of the secrets of social media apps, although we use them daily. Why worry when Kinex Media is here with its professional guide that reveals the secrets of social media apps:


Keep The Chats Of Your Favorites On 1st Spot.

We have favorite people in our lives whose messages we wait for. They are the people with whom we do 90 % of our daily conversations. But in the shower of threads, we usually lose them to the lower spots. But do you know if there is a solution for this?

You can Pin chats.

Long click on the chat you want to pin, and a series of icons will appear at the top. Click on the Pin icon and see what happens.

Make Certain Words Emphasized 

When we are chatting with people, there are times that we want to emphasize certain words or sentences. Using quotes every time may seem like a tiresome task. So here is the secret of how you can bring accents into the the text:

Accent Syntax Example
Italic _yourtext_ _Let’s MeetUp!_
Bold *yourtext* *ILOVEYOU*
Strikethrough ~youtext~ ~BakingPowder~

No Blue Ticks

Blueticks symbolize that the person next to you has read your message. But sometimes, owing to the adverse situation, we don’t let other people know that we have read their messages. In that case, we have a secret option to keep the ticks gray eleven if we have read the messages.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Click on Accounts followed by Privacy
Step 3: You’ll find the ‘Read Receipts’ button. Deactivate it.

Preventing Whatsapp Images & Videos To Appear In The Gallery

Sometimes we want the media (Images & Videos) to remain confined in the chat box. But somehow it keeps on showing in the gallery as well. Many among us want to find a way to get rid of it. Here is the solution:

Step 1: Click on the top where the contact name is written
Step 2: There you will find ‘MEDIA’ option
Step 3: Turn it off

Vanishing Mode 

Like Instagram and Messenger, WhatsApp also has a self-destructing feature. By using this feature, we can make sure that the sensitive information does not always remain with the person. Here you need to select the messages option and then just turn on the temporary messages.

Final Comments!

Whatsapp is a private messaging app which is end-to-end encrypted. But still, sometimes we need extra features to enhance our privacy like we do not want people to see us online, blueticks etc. We do not want to see whatsapp images in our gallery because of storage issues etc. Most of such privacy features were secret which were revealed in today’s article. This is just the beginning. If you want to see more such features, then please let us know. We shall definitely try to publish our next article on that topic.

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