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From there it was of interest to analyze the sports area of ​​university life that has been scarcely examined in the country, which may be attributable to the primacy of studies over other areas and problems as well as the limit in the development of organizational approaches. about college sports.

It requires considering the guidelines on the operation of Venezuelan higher education, contained in the Law of Universities (Official Gazette No. 1429, 8-9-1970), referring to the organization of universities, provides for the establishment of the Sports Directorate and Commission of Sports in each institution to stimulate, develop and coordinate university sports (Article 142).

In Venezuelan higher education institutions there are structurally

these dependencies, which are responsible for coordinating and planning sports and recreational activities in the organization. These are directed by a director of sports appointed by the rector in the universities and in the institutes, polytechnics and university colleges by the director-dean. These managers, for the most part, are teachers in the area of ​​physical education, a profession that is closest to the profile to direct these directions, however there are other professionals who direct university sports, who have knowledge of the national 해외스포츠중계 dynamics from experience and do a commendable job. However, Saucy (2002), points out:

Apparently, there is always a myth that seniority

or the mere fact of having spent many years in the same sports organization are the main criteria, if not the only ones, for selecting administrators. One of the inconsistencies of sports management is to grant the administration of these companies to individuals with little or no training for the type of work they have to do. (p.24)

This is why managers must be sufficiently trained to deal

with conjunctural situations in this current changing system, who are equipped for teamwork, with a consistent management style, identified with the organizational culture, who works according to the organization, know the different management systems (strategic planning, total quality, reengineering, intellectual capital, intelligent organizations, among others), creative, participatory, communicative and with a high spirit of commitment. For his part, the previous author points out “the ability to manage is acquired through study, training and experience” (p. 36).

To corroborate this assessment, Machado (1990) points out, in his research related to the preparation of national sports managers, the following:

A managerial training program must be urgently

implemented at all levels of the organization, offer to the National Sports Institute (IND) and the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (COV) the managerial training proposal contained in this study in order to resume the courses as an alternative that allows training sports leaders. (p.12)

This appreciation at the time was imperative. Currently, efforts have been made to train and update professionals in postgraduate studies (doctorates, master’s degrees and specialization) related to sports management, but it does not cover what is desired.

This national reality limits professional advancement in this area. In this sense, it is necessary to contextualize the praxis of the management systems and styles of the national sports leaders and, especially, of the sports directors of the Venezuelan higher education institutions, in contrast to the existing management theories in the field of Sciences. Already described, in addition to the different managerial styles that can be used to harmonize teamwork and produce favorable results within the organization.

The directors of the sports directorates of the Venezuelan higher education institutions, the experts in sports management and the theoretical foundation of the administrative sciences are the subjects of study of this article. A descriptive-inductive research is presented, based on a positivist epistemic approach.


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