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There are many components in the right to culture

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The right to participate in cultural life

The right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress

The right to protect a person’s moral and material interests in scientific, literary or artistic products written by him.

The right to refrain from government interference with creative or research activities.

Other aspects of culture are protected by international human rights law.

For example, the right to marry and the family, freedom of speech, education, the right to share and information, leisure and entertainment. Leisure activities, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. What are other human cultural rights?

In the case of children, the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that their childhood should focus “on the development of the child’s character, abilities, mental and physical abilities” and Article 31 of the Rights Act. . Child. Age-appropriate children’s holidays, activities, games and recreation. Exercise and play are important for the personal and social development, growth and health of children and adolescents.

International Economic Convention, 1966

International Civil and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) 무료스포츠중계 the importance of culture: “In line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this is the notion that human ideas are free.

The UNESCO Principles of International Cultural Cooperation (1966) reaffirm the widespread dissemination of human culture and education, as well as freedom and peace, essential to human dignity. Article I:

Every culture has values ​​and values ​​that must be respected and protected.

Promoting culture is a right and a duty for all.

Because of their richness and diversity and true influence, all cultures are part of the common human heritage. The adoption of the 12th Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007 was an important step in clarifying the concept of culture in human rights law. It affirms that Indigenous peoples are equal, that the right of diversity of all peoples is recognized, that they are treated and respected in a different way, and that they all contribute to diversity, to civilization and with the culture. This is the common heritage of mankind.

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