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Things to do in spiti Valley

spiti valley
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1. River Rafting: A Journey of Demand

River rafting in Spiti


River rafting is a great activity for adventure seekers. The Spiti and Pin rivers offer a unique experience with snowy mountains, crown monasteries, beautiful views, and a variety of other attractions. You’ll feel the joys while basking in the serenity of the mountains during the entire game.


River rafting on the Spiti or Pine rivers is best.

Moderate difficulty

Distance covered: It covers thirty-six km, ranging from Nadang up to Sumdo

Cost: INR 5100 – INR 1500

Tip: For the best rafting experience, plan your trip between July and August.


2. Pin Valley National Park: Have a look at the flora & fauna.

pin valley parkland


This park is located in the upper reaches of the range and home to endangered flora & fauna such as snow leopards and Siberian Capra Ibex, range snowcocks, Tibetan Antlope, snow partridges and many others. There’s so much to do, from enjoying the beauty of nature to recognizing its importance, that it would be difficult to keep track of your time.


Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Entry fee: No Charge

Tip: Although the Pin Valley Parkland is a huge attraction, you should make sure to spend as much time there as possible.


3. Buddhist Monasteries: Pay A Visit

Important religious residence

Spiti is a cultural and spiritual centre for Buddhists. This is why it’s such a popular tourist attraction. There are many Buddhist monasteries in the depression. You can visit any or all of them for a relaxing time. Each sight, from the architecture of the monasteries to their traditional murals inside, will amaze you.


Timings: Monasteries usually open at 5 a.m. for tourists, and close at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. in the evening.

Key religious residence, Kungri religious residence, Kardang religious home, and others are some of the most well-known monasteries in Spiti.

Tip: Visit the religious residence during the Chaam pageant in late July to see cloaked dances and spinning prayer wheels.


4. Chandratal, inhabitancy: expertise The Lake Views

camping close to chandratal lake

Image supply


This lake was formed during a crescent shape and is located at 4300m within the lap range. The best thing about an expertise is the unimaginable view from the lake. You know where to stay, at least for one evening in Spiti.


Entry Fees: INR 1,500 per person, depending on the retreat you choose

Location: Middle Himalaya, Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Tip: Make sure to book a camp site before you start designing it. To see the changing colours of the lake, make sure you are there every day.


5. Trek to Dhankar Lake: Experience the joys

dhankar lake trek spiti

Image supply


Trekking to Dhankar Lake, if you are looking for peace and adventure, is a great thing to include in your trip to Spiti Valley. This lake is located at 4270m above the Dhankar religious residence. Although the trek is not easy, the breathtaking views you would see upon reaching the lake would be worth it.


Location: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Cost: INR 1,500

Tip: To minimize the effort required to climb uphill, wear sturdy shoes and have a walking ability.


6. Village of Giu: See the mum

Mummy in giu village

Image supply


Giu is a small village between Tabo and Sumdo. It can be reached by a steep eight-kilometer climb up a road that runs from NH-22. It’s a shrine that houses a body more than five hundred years old. It is worth visiting to see this mummy. A well-known legend states that the mum belonged to a meditation Lama. This gives it a lot of mystery expertise.


Timings: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry Fees: There is no entrance fee to visit this location.

Location: Giu village, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh.


7. Baralacha Pass: Experience the joys

Baralacha Pass in Spiti

Except for the Kunzum Pass it is possible to bike or trek across the Baralacha Pass. However, it’s a wonderful place to visit if you are brave and a passionate travel lover. You’ll want to include the experience of witnessing the intersection between Pir Panjal and the nice range and the Zanskar Ranges in your travel memoir.


Address: Manali-Leh main road Keylong, India

Entry Fees: sodium


8. lodge in Zostel – With people

zostel spiti

Image supply


There are many hotels in Spiti. But nothing can beat Zostel’s charm. Zostel offers the perfect accommodation options and experiences for any kind of traveller, whether they are looking to take a family vacation to the valley or to enjoy a getaway with their friends.


Entry Fees: INR 599 per Person for a quarters Keep, INR 99 for 2 for an Out of Doors Tent, and INR 1,499 each for 2 for a Personal Space

Location: Leo Village Rd Kaza, Himachal Pradesh


9. Kaza’s Main market: Search Your Heart Out

tibetan handicrafts in kaza

It is almost like visiting the valley without searching for it. With the Kaza market being so fashionable, Spiti is a great place to search for things. There are many things you can buy from the area, including Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts and human bone and bone sculptures in silver. These items will be sweet souvenirs that you can take back to your home.


Location: Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, Market Space

No entry fees


10. Stargazing: Enjoy the fascinating Sky

stargazing in spiti

Spiti’s villages are located between 10,000 and 15,000 feet above sea level. This makes observation easy. You’ll be able simply to sit up and look up to heaven and spot the cardinal stars quickly. If luck favors you, you might even be able to spot visible radiation together.


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