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Things To Remember After Two Or Three Years Of Marriage

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Marriage is the biggest decision of one’s life. It’s a journey that is full of ups and downs. One cannot expect marriage to be a smooth road but it is full of bumps. Everyone has their philosophy of marriage. So taking anyone else’s suggestions won’t work for you. You have to deal with it in your own way. Whether you are married for one year or twenty-five years, you will still feel like you know nothing. But there are a few things that you need to understand after two or three years of marriage that are mentioned below. 


Marriage is not always equal-

Marriage is about balancing and for that, you need to act. You can’t expect it to be balanced all the time. We expect that in a marriage things should be equal. But that is not possible all the time. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of work and household both. Sometimes your relationship with your partner would be 50/50 but sometimes it can be 10/90 and vice-versa. You have to be flexible with life. This is hard to accept but this is the ultimate truth. Sometimes you will feel unfair but marriages can be fair all the time. The ultimate goal is to make it run fairly for a longer period.


Teach how to treat-

First few years of marriage you need to build a connection with each other in a way that you make the other one learn how to treat you. You have to discover who can handle stress, or who reacts spontaneously, who yells quite often and thus you need to behave that way. You need to make your partner learn politely how and what he/she should expect out of you so that you can have a better understanding. 



You can’t expect a person to be perfect all the time. You have married a human, not a paragon. As you have accepted their good characteristics, accept their flaws as well. Don’t think much about their flaws, everyone has that. Learn to deal with their habits if that annoys you. Talk to them about it, but don’t make it a reason for your conflicts. 


Wait, before starting a family-

As soon as you get married people will ask you to start your family. But it has to be your choice mutually. Don’t rush to get kids after one or two years of marriage. Take your time as a couple, understand each other, get acclimated with each other’s habits and behaviors before you add an infant to your life. Build a strong foundation of your marriage without any distractions so that when distractions come, you are ready to deal with them. Heal before having kids so your kids don’t have to heal from having you as parents.


Marriage can be fun-

Marriage is fun. People mostly consider it as a responsibility and take it too seriously in their life. Spending your entire life with someone, sharing good days and bad days, habits, can be fun. Enjoy your married life, go on movies, dates, tell bad jokes, read in bed, drink, stay up late and do what you like. Life gets better when there’s someone there to stay with you irrespective of all odds. Celebrate your anniversary together and live each moment fully. These days you can order anniversary cakes online. There is cake and flower delivery in Bangalore.


It depends on you and your partner how you make your marriage. There is no perfect recipe for a successful married life. You will fall, learn and grow together. Other’s experiences cannot make things work for you because every relationship is different as the person in them is different.


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