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Tips For a Custom Cone Sleeve

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With the convenience of a custom cone sleeve, ice cream lovers can serve their favorite treats anywhere. From small shops to the most sophisticated ice cream parlors, the custom cone sleeve offers the best solution for any ice-cream lover. The sleeve comes with many different options for printing, color, and glimmering or matte completing. Getting the perfect cone sleeve for your business is as simple as following the tips below.

ice cream cone sleeve packaging

Custom ice cream cone sleeve packaging can help you advertise your business and boost sales. These products can be personalized and feature relevant mascots and brand information. You can even include puzzles or gaming text on them. Customers will want to pick your product when they see such extras. The possibilities are endless with these sleeves. You can use these sleeves to enclose sensitive products. You can find innovative designs for your ice cream cone sleeve packaging at the Boxes Xpert Hub.


If you are looking for a way to promote your business while giving out ice cream, you may want to consider customizing cone sleeves. While you can have your logo and text printed on your cones, you should think about how attractive they will be to customers. If they are not interested in the usual design, you can have funky computer graphics or ClipArts printed on them. Whatever you decide, your cone sleeves will be an eye-catching advertising piece.


While most packaging options are standardized, custom cone sleeve printing services are more unique. Moreover, these sleeves can be customized to suit the specifications of the customer. They can be printed with company logo and name or contain essential information about the ingredients of the product. Furthermore, the use of clipart can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product. Here are some tips to make your cone sleeve printing services more effective.

Gleaming or matte completing

If you wish to add more glamour to your ice cream cones, custom ice cream cone sleeves are a great option. Choose from a variety of colors, designs, and finishes to add a special touch to your cone packaging. Choose from matte or gleaming finishes to increase the visual impact of your brand. A gleaming or matte finish can help your custom cone sleeves to be both stylish and durable.


Purchasing custom cone sleeve packaging can be quite costly. You must decide the quantity and quality you require. Also, consider ordering a sample before making bulk purchases. Though some companies may suggest bulk purchases, this can actually cost you more money. So, how do you avoid losing money on custom cone sleeve packaging? Here are a few tips that will help you save money and get better quality cone sleeve packaging.

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