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Different Types of Toilets and Which one is the Best?

Cloakroom Toilets uk
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The toilets are compact versions that can fit into a small space. Choosing appropriate bathroom fittings and fixtures can be challenging when it comes to small spaces. Cloakroom if you don’t already know is a bathroom that is small in size, and has a toilet, basin, and storage. The purpose of having this is to facilitate the guests to use the toilet. So they don’t need to go into the large bathroom. That’s why this type of bathroom can be downstairs, or anywhere near the house entrance. Considering the specific needs of such small spaces, manufacturers have introduced a range of compact toilets. That also includes many other bathroom fixtures in a compact size. So, they can save space without compromising the style and practicality. 

If you have a small bathroom then it does not mean that you should compromise on the style. With proper planning, you can easily make the best use of your small bathroom space.  

Here we have discussed how to choose the best slimline toilet for the cloakroom.

Different Types of Toilets

Generally, toilets are available in three types wall-mounted, BTW, and close coupled Toilets.  In each of these styles, you may easily find a compact cloakroom toilet that fits perfectly in the small bathrooms.

Wall Hung Toilets.

A wall-mounted toilet is the best option for the cloakroom. That is because it is hung on the wall and all its plumbing work is inside the wall. In addition to that this type of toilet leaves space underneath that makes your small bathroom look spacious. You may even find a short projection toilet that is a compact version, especially for the cloakrooms.

Back to Wall (BTW) Compact Cloakroom Toilet.

Back to a wall is pretty much a similar design and can be another good option for cloakrooms. Similar to the wall hung design, a btw toilet has its cistern either in the wall or on the furniture. The only difference is that it sits on the floor against a wall or furniture unit with a slimline toilet. Because it has its cistern hidden in the wall, you can have considerable space in the bathroom.

Cloakroom ToiletsClose Coupled Slimline Toilet.

 Close-coupled toilets are just like their name has a pan and cistern in the one unit. These toilets are also available in the compact style that is specifically designed for the cloakroom. The best thing about these toilets is that they are easier to install in comparison to wall-mounted and BTW. If you are especially looking for this type among cloakroom toilets then you must make sure that you choose a short projection version that will help save a few inches on the floor. In addition to that short projection, the version has less depth which also makes them a type of slimline toilet. You can even find them in the corner design. 

Toilet and Sink Combination Units.

Installing a combined sink and toilet unit is one of the best space ideas especially if you are going to add it to a new bathroom.  These combination suites have clever space-saving features. With a cistern turned into the top basin, and a btw toilet, you can save considerable space. That is because, you don’t need a separate basin, so your toilet and basin are combined into one unit. 

Buy Cloakroom Toilet from Royal Bathroom UK. 

If you have a small bathroom then it does not mean that you should compromise on the style or features that you can have in the bathroom. With careful planning to utilize the space, you can get benefit from using a specific design cloakroom toilet such as wall-mounted, btw, or close coupled. You must ensure that you are choosing a compact cloakroom toilet. We have an extensive range of toilets for cloakrooms where you can buy the one that fits best according to your needs.

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