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Top Carpet Ideas for Canadian Homeowners

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2021 saw a carpet comeback for Canadian homes and the trend will continue in the coming year too. Though bare floors have been popular here in the country, more and more homeowners are discovering how a carpet can do for uplifting the aesthetics of their home. Not to mention how they insulate your home and keep your feet warm during our cold and dry winter months that seem to stretch endlessly at times.


Here are some of the best ideas for carpets in Calgary curated by our experts:


Natural fibre carpets


The last year saw people turning towards everything natural, which not just included following a simple way of life but also using environment-friendly materials. The same naturalistic thinking has also impacted the Calgary area rug trends. More and more people are opting for carpets made of natural materials such as jute, sisal, coir, seagrass, and deep pile wool. One of the main reasons why Calgary homeowners are opting for this is because it helps them feel that they are contributing towards the planet’s sustainability. Other reasons why these carpets are perfect is because they are super soft and give your space earthy and natural accents. These carpets look beautiful in shades of tan, teal, and light green. 


Bold patterned carpets


Until a few years back, the choice of carpets in Calgary region used to be plain and in neutral colours. But this trend has been ousted by the comeback of carpets with bold and big patterns. These artsy and stylish carpets help in elevating the fun vibe of your home. They also become the focal point and an interesting conversation starter. You can either go for popular patterns motivated by elements of nature or go completely abstract. Another great choice is a geometric-patterned carpet that lends a contemporary accent to your home. 


Animal prints


To add a stunning pop of fun and to make an impactful statement, you can explore carpets with animal prints. Though they may sound intimidating, they are actually pretty cool when used in tasteful prints. Some of the most popular options include snakeskin, leopard, zebra, and giraffe prints. These prints especially look beautiful when juxtaposed with bold and neutral-coloured elements. These prints look great in colours such as deep blue, orange, and brown.


Jewel tones


Last year’s pastel shades have given way to deep, rich, and luxurious jewel tones that add a gorgeously elegant vibe to your house. Mimicking the allure of precious gemstones, these jewel-toned area rugs are also great for adding a bit of drama to your entire décor scheme. Our experts recommend lustrous colours citrine, emerald, sapphire, and rose-quartz this season. You can either do up one room in the same colour scheme or group these intense colours in contrast to create a glamorous interior space.


Checked carpets


Chequered carpets have been around for years and will continue to be popular. The top checked trends include houndstooth and gingham, which are anything but boring! They are a great way to accent your room with a rustic, warm, and inviting cabin-like vibe and go well with almost all colours and patterns of other décor elements. 


Striped carpets


One of the top-selling styles of carpets, checked carpets are right up there when you want to give your home space a cozy and warm vibe. They are not just beautiful but also cleverly make your space look more versatile. Due to their elongated prints, these carpets are perfect for giving a wide or long illusion to a small-sized room. You can either opt for striped carpets in alternating light and dark tones of the same colour or go for a statement rainbow-coloured carpet that is sure to light up your room with a lovely pop of colour. 


Plush carpets


The velvety and lavish feel of a plush carpet is dominating the trends in all the carpet stores in Calgary. With their soft underfoot touch, they are especially perfect when one is snowed under during the famous Canadian winters. These carpets are perfect for keeping your feet warm and lending your space a luxuriously rich feel. 

Carpets are a fantastic way to add colour and depth to your home. While some of these trends are classic and timeless, some need boldness, but by doing up your ‘fifth wall’, are aesthetically rewarding nonetheless. At our Home Flooring Design Centre, you can explore all the latest carpet styles. To make an appointment at our carpet store in Calgary, call us at (403) 984 4100 or email us at [email protected].

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