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Vastu Tips That You Should Keep In Mind While Setting Up Your House

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It is quite a challenging task for builders to design the houses in such a way that they follow all the rules of Vastu. The top astrologer in Australia believes firmly that you should only buy a house that is Vastu compliant. If you are looking to set up your new house, you should know all the relevant Vastu tips that your new home should follow carefully. Vastu tips cover many areas of the home such as the color, directions, shape, and format. If you follow all the Vastu tips, you will have a home that attracts good energy. It is crucial to follow Vastu shastra if you want to have a pleasant home life. 

Tips for new home

Vastu shastra is an ancient science that has been followed for centuries. In recent years, many people have started following the various Vastu rules religiously to ensure they have a peaceful and happy life. Some of the most common Vastu tips that are suggested by the best astrologer in Australia are mentioned below.

  1. House entrance direction

The main entrance of the house serves multiple functions. It allows you to enter and leave your house freely. Moreover, it’s the entryway of positive and negative energy. Vastu shastra suggests that the main entrance of your house should face the northeast, east, or north direction. By doing this you are ensuring that every time you step out, you will face either their north, east, or northeast direction. Before you decide to buy a house or build one, you should keep this tip in mind. Some more tips for the entrance of the house are as follows. 

  • You should use the best quality of wood that you can afford to build the entrance. It will attract good energy.
  • You should not put any water-centric decoration or fountains in front of your main door.
  • There should be no dustbins or shoe racks right outside your home.
  • You must not paint the door black and should keep it well lit.
  • You should not have a bathroom built close to the main door.
  • You should adorn your entryway with high-quality nameplates and auspicious torans.
  • There should be no animal figurines or statues near your main door.
  • You should ensure that your door is opening in the clockwise direction.
  1. The living area and furniture

The living room is an essential aspect of anybody’s home as it’s the first room a person sees and this is where you entertain all your friends. For creating a good impression on your friends and family and attractive calm and positive energy, you should ensure that your living room has no clutter. The front part of your living room should be built in the northeast, both or east direction. Moreover, you should place your furniture in the southwest or the west region. The top astrologer in Sydney says this would ensure you have no Vastu Dosh. Some additional tips for the living room according to Vastu is as written below.

  • If you keep a mirror in your living room, you should put it on the mother wall.
  • All the electronics such as a TV should be installed in the southeast direction of the living room.

2. Bedrooms

If you want to maintain healthy relationships and have the best health, you need to ensure your bedroom is in the southwest direction. If your bedroom is in the northeast direction, you will attract bad energy and could cause complications in your health. It shouldn’t be in the southeast direction either as that would cause fights and a rift between partners. Your bed should also be placed in the southwest direction with its head facing the west direction. Some Vastu tips for the bedroom are as mentioned below.

  • You should be careful about not keeping a mirror or a TV in front of them he’d. You should try your best to avoid looking at your reflection when you are in bed. This would cause fights between the couple.
  • You should ensure the walls of your bedroom are not black. They should be painted with a pleasant earthy or neutral tone to give off good energy.
  • You should not hang any pictures of flowing water or water fountains in the bedroom as it leads to emotional outbursts.
  • You should try and keep a temple in your bedroom.
  • You should have mood lighting in your bedroom and can use aromatic oils to create calming energy in your bedroom.


By going through this article thoroughly and following each Vastu shastra tip mentioned, you can ensure that your house is set up according to the Vastu science. You will be able to attract good energy towards you and your family members. You should seem the help of expert astrologers in your area as they can guide you to set up your house in the perfect manner.


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