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What is CBC, or cannabichromene? All the Information You Need

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Cannabichromene (CBC), which was first identified in the 1960s, is the third most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant after CBD and THC. However, CBC is still difficult to understand and remains unclear. However, it is known that CBC has a great deal of potential to cure inflammation and may be quite helpful in reducing pain and encouraging the development of new brain cells.

We also know that CBC synergistically enhances the anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN. As a result of its contribution to the entourage effect, CBC cannabinoid for sale deserves more investigation.

Discover the results of the scientific research that has previously been done on CBC and how it may affect a variety of ailments.

How CBC Operates

Strong anti-inflammatory CBC may be more effective as an antidepressant than CBD. However, unlike THC, CBC does not result in a euphoric high.

However, CBC does interact with some cannabinoid receptors in the body, including those involved in pain perception.

Furthermore, CBC has strong anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antiviral, anti-tumor, and bone-growth-stimulating characteristics, making it up to 10 times more effective than CBD for the treatment of stress and anxiety.

What Distinguishes CBC, CBD, and THC from One Another?

CBC is not psychotropic, like CBD. This inability to elicit a “high” distinguishes CBC from THC.

Additionally, the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the principal regulator of bodily processes, distinctly responds to CBC. CBC differs from other cannabinoids in that it can interact with receptors outside of the ECS.

CBC appears to have a very potent impact on pain and inflammation through this interaction with different receptors, perhaps even more potent than highly addictive opioids. CBC has the potential to be an effective weapon in the fight against opiate addiction with more study and testing.

What Can CBC Be Used For?

Early research shows that CBC may be useful in the treatment of a variety of health conditions, including:

Depression and Anxiety

Pain and Inflammation


Neurological Conditions



Is CBC Legal?

Unlike CBD, which is a regulated chemical derived from marijuana, CBC cannot be purchased over-the-counter. To buy marijuana products containing CBC, you would need a medical marijuana card.

CBC most certainly has the same legal status as CBD if it is made from hemp. However, regulations differ from state to state and are subject to change, so be aware of where it is permitted to buy CBC.

Strains of Cannabis High in CBC

The following strains contain higher than average concentrations of CBC:

Maui Dream (Maui Wowie x Blue Dream)

Blue Cherry Soda (precise genetics unknown, but could be a cross between Blueberry x Black Cherry Soda)

Charlotte’s Web (a variety of hemp hailing from the Stanley Brothers)

Purple Cadillac (Purple Urkle x The Black x Blackberry Kush)

Bubba Cookies (Bubba Kush x Girl Scout Cookies (GSC))

Purple Candy (Sweet Tooth x Mendocino Purps)

Sour Tsunami (Sour Diesel x Tsunami)

Last Words on CBC

An emerging cannabinoid called CBC may be effective in treating everything from cancer to acne. CBC is a promising treatment since it can work in the entourage effect with other cannabinoids.

Contact one of Leafwell’s skilled on-call doctors to learn how to lawfully include CBC into your wellness regimen. Make an appointment with our online clinic and start the process for your medical marijuana card right away.


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