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What you need to know about QuickBooks Hosted Server ?

QuickBooks Hosted Server ?
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QuickBooks Hosted Server helps to install the desktop version of QuickBooks and Host QuickBooks Files on cloud server so that they can be accessed via web browser from any location. QuickBooks Server Hosting assigns the authentic users to access the data and files anywhere, anytime without installing it on a local machine. QuickBooks Hosting covers the limitations of QuickBooks Desktop and combines it with the accessibility of the online version. In this blog, we will provide you the information that you need to grasp if you are planning to go for QuickBooks Server Hosting to host the QB on cloud.

QuickBooks Desktop Hosted on cloud, how does it work?

The QuickBooks Desktop Hosted on the cloud, gives users the access to their business data anytime, anywhere which therefore increases the productivity for the user. Let us look at how QuickBooks Hosted Server works to get QB on the cloud.

  1. The copy of QuickBooks license is installed on the QuickBooks hosted server of the hosting provider.
  2. The service provider gives access to the user over the Internet with certain configurations:
  • High security steps are followed to make sure the application is secure against online threats.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol that establishes a connectivity between the end-user device and server is configured to login as a desired user.
  • Customization can be done so that a connection can be established from any device (desktop, Smartphone, tablet, etc.) working on different operating systems/platforms (Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, etc.)
  1. The features remain parallel to that of QuickBooks Desktop, but with user given access to work on QB with the help of Web Browser or Remote Desktop Protocol Shortcut makes the work much more versatile.
  2. The work done on Hosted Cloud Server for QuickBooks reduces the confusion as the work done by one user is automatically saved and appear to all authorized users.

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Choose from the following QuickBooks Hosting Mode

Dedicated Hosting: A dedicated server permits you to choose your choice of hardware, operating system and settle on a set cost. Back-end implementation and delivery speeds are generally better with this arrangement, and complete organizational control is part of the package. The server is linked to the different workstations while maintaining the QuickBooks Hosting Mode. The mode stays OFF for the workstations, and QuickBooks must be installed for accessibility.

Peer-to-Peer hosting: While using the QuickBooks Hosted Server for this hosting, one workstation which consists of the company file acts as the host.  The host computer is responsible for giving access permissions to QuickBooks files.

Alternate Hosting: Both dedicated and peer to peer hosting model are combined in this. Compared to the dedicated hosting model one QuickBooks user/workstation can control the hosting server. That workstation acts as host and allows the access path to the rest of the computers on network. QuickBooks is established on all workstations, as well as on the host computer. QuickBooks Hosting Mode is kept ON exclusively for the host, and workstations will keep this mode OFF.

Points to consider for service providers to Host QuickBooks Files on Server

You might have already searched online to make a choice from the best hosting provider in the market to Host QuickBooks Files on Server. There are multiple options available, and almost every cloud hosting service provider will offer to host for QuickBooks. Here, the most important point to consider is that the service provider must be experienced with hosting the accounting software as it requires a different expertise to host the accounting applications. For the same purpose, Intuit has authorized certain hosting providers dedicated to getting the QB application on cloud. In this section of the blog, we will list down the points to consider before choosing the right QuickBooks Hosted Server.

  1. Intuit Authorization.
  2. Security practices & features so as to ensure sensitive company data is protected from online threat.
  3. Data and password storage policies.
  4. Uptime guarantee.
  5. Plans & Price as per the users and company need.
  6. Support Policies by QuickBooks ProAdvisors to solve user queries without delay.
  7. Add-ons & Plugin compatibility.
  8. Customer reviews & testimonials.
  9. Backup & DR solutions.

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How Hosted QuickBooks Solutions has upper hand over QuickBooks Desktop

Considering all the versions that Intuit has developed of QuickBooks, QB Desktop is the most widely used and advanced one, but has certain limitations that does not let the users get to its maximum potential. Therefore, to overcome those issues QuickBooks hosting on cloud comes to the rescue.  Some of the benefits of Hosted QuickBooks Solutions are listed below:

  1. QuickBooks Cloud hosting saves your time with quick processing.
  2. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provides authority to access the data with multiple users.
  3. If your QuickBooks is hosted on cloud, then you can access it from any place.
  4. Hosting QuickBooks on the online server make multiple back-ups of your QuickBooks data to make sure your data is safe.
  5. Data security is the top most priority while hosting data in the cloud.
  6. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is available for all the versions of QuickBooks.
  7. User interface is at its best while hosting QuickBooks data into the server.
  8. Hosting QuickBooks on a hosted serveris easy to use and responsible to generate fast invoicing.
  9. Third-party features aid extra functionality to QuickBooks, and Add-ons like project management tools, payroll management etc. can be directly integrated with the QuickBooks.
  10. Experts available 24*7 on (855)-518-5530 to offer the tech support for hosting QuickBooks on Server.

A detailed blog can be accessed on QuickBooks Cloud vs. Desktop: Which One To Choose? For better insight before you choose the QuickBooks Hosted Server.

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Repeatedly Asked Queries from our QuickBooks hosting support team.

  1. What is Hosted QuickBooks? QuickBooks Desktop application when installed on the network server hosted over the internet enables the application access over web browser. Hosted QuickBooks hence has the benefit of data access without the bondage of place and time.
  2. How much does it cost to host QuickBooks? Starting from Basic, the plans start at $33/user/month and fluctuates as per the version of QuickBooks to be hosted and number of users.
  3. Can you install QuickBooks on a Cloud Server? Yes, QuickBooks is able to host all the versions of its application on a Cloud Server.
  4. QuickBooks Dedicated Hosting Vs Shared Hosting? On the one hand, with a dedicated server for QuickBooks hosting, the entire machine fully works only for you and so, you determine how to manage and maintain it. No different web apps will compete for hosting help because it’s only your applications operating on the machine. Comparatively, shared web hosts incorporate your web applications with other users. So, you don’t fully-control server operations, and it does come with a reduced speed and certain limitations.

To speak to a QuickBooks Cloud hosting rep directly for help in selecting the right package for your business, or to learn more about, if using QuickBooks hosted server is the best choice for you, contact us at 1.855.738.2784 and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.


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