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Why are Paso CBD Vape Cartridges Some of the Best in UK? In this Post We Explain Why.

CBD vape cartridges
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CBD cartridges have risen in popularity over the last few years since becoming legal. This is for a few reasons: 

1) CBD has been known to help with stress, sleep and pain and the last few years have been rather stressful and anxiety inducing to say the least. As such many more people have been using CBD to help manage their stress and sleep. There were also a few studies published that indicated it may help prevent bad cases of COVID.

2) vaping CBD is the most effective way to consume CBD. This is because of what is called the high bioavailability of CBD with vaping meaning that the most amount of CBD is absorbed with vaping at the fastest rate. Unlike a CBD edible that has to pass through your digestive system (and obviously loses some of the CBD along the way) with vaping, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantaneously via the large surface area of the lungs.

If you’re looking for CBD cartridges in the UK, Paso is a great option. Here’s why:

  1. Our CBD vape cartridges are made from high quality, pesticide-free CBD that is sourced from the US.
  2. We offer a range of authentic and delicious flavours made so by the natural terpenes derived from our favourite cannabis strains such as Amnesia Haze and Mango Kush.
  3. Our vape cartridges are made with glass and ceramic coil cores to provide you with a superior vaping experience. No risk of inhaling any potentially harmful fumes from heating plastic at a high temp. Always try to go for a glass cbd vape cartridge.
  4. We offer a lot of choice. We sell both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils in our vape cartridges. Our CBD e liquids are much lower strength as they are diluted down by a PG & VG base mixture so perfect if you are looking to vape more regularly throughout the day. Whereas our CBD vape oils are made from pure extract and natural terpenes meaning they are a much higher concentration (65% vs 10%) so great if you are looking to vape less regularly, but want a stronger hit when you do.
  5. Our CBD vape cartridges are 510 thread compatible meaning that they pair with the most popular type of CBD vape pens configuration. Try pairing our 510 thread CBD vape pen with our cartridges to further enhance your CBD vaping experience!
  6. We sell at an affordable price for the CBD potency and flavour. Obviously our CBD e liquids are much cheaper than our CBD vape oils given they are a lot less stronger and contain much less CBD. If you are looking to further save, we also sell our CBD e liquids in a fill your own format! 

Head to our website to check out the options and let us know if you have any other questions!


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