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Why Your Guy Loves Football

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The fusion of passions such as journalism, teaching and soccer led to the creation of this book designed for those who wish to discover a unique and captivating world. To know how to tell an event, you must first be able to understand it.

 For that there are a series of basic tools

Which will be applied to take that first step correctly? Once the initial phase has been mastered, the externalization process will begin: elaborate the message of what is understood so that those who receive it understand the nature of the event, its causes and consequences, and can obtain an individual or personal idea arising from that analysis heard. Author biography

Journalist and sports commentator specialized in football.

He was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1974. He lived in Mar del Plata where he studied sports journalism at Deportee. In that city he worked for the newspaper La Capital and radio station LU6 Atlántico. He currently works as a soccer commentator, host and panelist on DirecTV Sports programs. On television he participated in Footboy de Primer, Noisier Central Fox. He has also been part of 해외축구 중계사이트  of Tic Sports, TNT Sports, Canal 13, Canal 7 and America TV.

 On radio, he joined teams from Radio

National (National Selection with Horace Garcia Blanco and Juan Carlos Morales) and La Red (De unary con Nimrod with Fernando Nimrod, Dodos con MacKaye with Enrique Macadam Marquez, Arrau first class with Marcelo Arioso, A good moment with Mariano Clods, One with Martini Liberian). He was also a columnist for The juicer with Ari Paunch and One in the morning with Freddy Villarreal. He has covered events such as: Olympic Games, Junior and Senior World Cups, South American Qualifiers, Copan América, Copra Sudamericana, and Copan Liberators. He teaches courses and seminars on storytelling and commentary.


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